Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cream

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Compare 160 prices from 20 stores.

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Rs. 220 - Rs. 5848


Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cream is a painless and gentle process that takes 5 minutes to effectively remove body hair from the legs, arms and private areas of the body.


Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cream formula has nourishing ingredients such as honey, emollient oils and beeswax that repair and soften the skin after hair removal. It has Aloe Vera extracts that are anti-inflammatory soothing the skin after coming into contact with the dilatory cream chemicals. 

Apply the cream to the area where hair is long and thick for five to a maximum of ten minutes depending on your growth and remove using the provided spatula. Rinse off the remaining cream with water to complete the process. 

There is a pleasant rose fragrance added to the cream that soothes and leaves the skin feeling fresh. This product is not suitable to remove hair from the face as it has harsh chemical compounds that can irritate sensitive skin areas. It is recommended to do a small patch test of 24 hours before applying the cream to larger surface areas of the body. 


The best price of Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 220 and the estimated average price is Rs. 770.

Price List

Model Price
Beauty Formulas Touch of Rose Hair Removal Cream … Rs. 585
Nair Moisturising Hair Removal Cream 80ml Rs. 999
Veet Hair Removal Cream normal Skin 100ML Rs. 550
Fem Hair Removal Cream 120 Ml Lavender Rs. 925
Eu Hair Removal Cream 100ml Tube For Sensitive Sk… Rs. 360
Veet Normal Skin Hair Removal Cream 50g Rs. 390
Aichun Beauty Painless Flawless, Smooth & Soothin… Rs. 449
Veet Hair Removal Cream 50g Dry Skin Rs. 800
Fem Hair Removal Cream 120 Ml Rose Rs. 925
Fem Hair Removal Cream With Rose- 120 Gm Rs. 850
Eu Safe & Smooth Normal Skin Hair Removal Cream, … Rs. 360
Nair Rose Nourishing Hair Removal Cream 110gm Rs. 875