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Compare 250 prices from 7 stores.

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Rs. 72995 - Rs. 495000


There are over 10 different bed sizes and countless bed types that exist today. They all serve the same purpose of providing you with a place where you can relax, unwind and sleep comfortably. Read on to check all related information along with beddings, mattresses and bed prices in Pakistan on our website.


A beautifully made bed adds to the beauty of the room, makes it look organized and exudes cleanliness and harmony. You can place a mattress on the bed frame and then beautify the bed with attractive and comfortable looking beddings and fluffy pillows when you are not using it. A kid's bed can also be decorated with stuffed toys and fluffy cushions. 

Material, Designs & Types

When it comes to designs and types, they keep on changing according to the latest trends but some designs never go out of style and are always in-trend. Wood and wrought iron are the two most preferred materials for bedroom furniture in Pakistan. If you are someone who likes to have a lot of storage space then you can also buy beds with storage. These beds have storage compartments built underneath in the form of drawers. Here are some of the types of beds that people mostly look for online:

1. Bunk Bed

The best choice for small spaces, bunk beds have multiple bed frames stacked on top of each other. They are also called loft or double-decker bed and are a great choice for kids' bedroom. University or college dorms and hostels also prefer bunk beds for they take up lesser space and accommodate more people in one room. The sizes may vary depending on whether it is for kids or adults. They come in a wide variety of designs and types.

2. Double Bed

A double bed has several types that all depend on its sizes and design. A double bed is also called a full bed and can be sized as Queen, King or California King which is considered the largest size of a double bed. It measures around 72 x 84 inches and are most suitable for large-sized master bedrooms that are spacious.

3. Single Bed

A single bed can save a lot of space and leave room for other decorative items. It is a great option for minimalistic settings where space is also an issue. Usually, hostel rooms, hotel rooms and kid's bedrooms use solo beds in different sizes and designs. 

4. Bedroom Set

Bed sets can include everything from beds, side tables, dressers, mirror, ottoman, Victorian chairs with matching upholstery or finishing, coffee table, wardrobe, trunks, benches, chest of drawers, armoire etc. They are sold as a package and are usually priced way higher than just one piece of bedroom furniture. The bed sets can be in modern, country, contemporary or farmhouse designs etc. 

5. Water Bed

These beds are filled with water and they jiggle when one sits or lays down on them, giving a calming and relaxing sensation to the body. Though they were initially used for mere entertainment, they have now become quite popular for therapies and as stress busters. Water beds can be a fun addition to your house but one needs to be very careful with them especially if you have kids around. The strongest water bed can burst if poked with a sharp object and since it is filled with a very large amount of water, it can turn into a hazardous situation.

6. Cot Bed

Some parents prefer to put their babies in cot beds so they can easily get acquainted with being alone in their rooms and can get independent early on. Cot beds are confined and protected structures, designed keeping the baby's safety and comfort in mind. The baby cannot fall off the sides as it is covered with bars or panels all around. They are intended to make your baby comfortable and feel safe while the parents are in another room. It is important that you don't put anything extra in the baby's cot such as a toy or a pillow etc while you are not attending the baby. This can result in SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome as the baby can accidentally get suffocated under the object. 

Bed for Sale

There are a lot of sellers online that are selling beds with mattresses at sale prices. You can check them on our page and avail up to 50% discount on some brands. The best bed manufacturing brands in Pakistan include ChenOne, Interwood, IKEA, HOID, Lasani, Urban Galleria etc.

You can easily buy all kinds of beds online at varied prices in Pakistan from our page. Choose from a wide variety of wooden or wrought iron beds with colours ranging from light brown, black, grey, metal, chestnut brown, light espresso, dark brown, wicker rattan and burgundy etc.

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The best price of Bed in Pakistan is Rs. 72,995 and the estimated average price is Rs. 122,743.

Price List

Model Price
Bed M Rs. 85,000
Cresta Bed Rs. 120,000
Indigo Upholstered Bed Rs. 101,600
Kaniel Bed Rs. 125,000
Rovel Upholstered Bed Rs. 104,000
Beckett Upholstered Bed Rs. 120,000
Raven Upholstered Bed Rs. 104,000
Cara Upholstered Bed Rs. 99,000
Dagen Bed Rs. 135,000
Leah Upholstered Bed Rs. 105,700