Bedroom Furniture Price in Pakistan

The best price of Bedroom Furniture in Pakistan is Rs. 95 and estimated average price is Rs. 42,370.


If you are looking for durable and good quality furniture sets for the bedroom, you have come to the right place. Read on for more information and compare the prices of bedroom furniture to find the best deal that fits your needs and budget.


A bedroom is a place where one relaxes and unwinds after a long day of work. The bedroom should be comfortable and peaceful so the person feels relaxed and stressfree. The furniture and decor of the bedroom plays an important role in creating a certain ambience that puts your mind and body at ease and peace.

Bedroom Sets & Items

The individual furniture in a bedroom can range from a single bed, double bed, side tables or a complete bedroom set that includes all important furniture to fill a bedroom. Bedroom furniture set can include bed, side tables, dresser, mirror, ottoman, sofa, Victorian chairs with matching upholstery or finishing, coffee table, wardrobe, trunks, benches, chest of drawers, armoire etc. They are sold as a package and are usually priced way higher than just one piece of furniture. Depending on the type of setting you want, furniture can be Chinioti, Western, modern, country, contemporary or farmhouse designs etc. A guest bedroom can have a minimalistic setting with a bed set, dresser and a settee etc.

Teenage & Kids Bedroom Furniture

A child's bedroom decor and furniture should be age-specific. If it is for a teenager, they can choose their own designs and can have sofa come bed to save space and make the room look fun, study table, computer table, book shelf, chest of drawers, wardrobe, dressing table etc. For toddlers and infants, the furniture should be child safe and without any sharp edges. The bed should not be too high as the child can fall and hurt himself while sleeping. An infant's bedroom can have minimalistic furniture that includes a cot or a cot bed, side tables, play pen, toys and a settee etc. Cot beds are confined and protected structures, designed keeping the baby's safety and comfort in mind. The baby cannot fall off the sides as it is covered with bars or panels all around. They are intended to make your baby comfortable and feel safe while the parents are in another room. 

Material, Designs & Types

When it comes to designs and types, they keep on changing according to the latest trends but some designs never go out of style and are always in-trend. Wood and wrought iron are the two most preferred materials for household furniture in Pakistan. 

Bedroom Furniture for Sale

The best furniture manufacturers in Pakistan include ChenOne, Interwood, IKEA, HOID, Lasani, Urban Galleria etc.

Furniture for the bedroom comes in all kinds of designs, colours and materials. Choose from a wide variety of wrought iron and wooden furniture in black, light brown, grey, light espresso, dark brown, wicker rattan, metal, chestnut brown, and burgundy etc.

Price List

Model Price
Moltyfoam Ortho Memory Mattress Rs. 82,000
Comfort Bed , Iron Bed , Metal Bed Rs. 28,999
Moltyortho Extra Firm Foam Mattress Rs. 55,500
5 In1 Inflatable Sofa Air Bed - Black Rs. 24,999
Laminated Bedroom Vanity-Brown Rs. 17,999
L M King Size Bed And Side With Dressing Table Rs. 58,000
Wood Wall Floating Shelf Rustic Hanging Swing Rop… Rs. 1,799
Dura Posturepedic Firm Mattress Rs. 17,600
Bedroom Chair Rs. 18,999
Relaxsit Storage Boxes With Handle Foldable Stora… Rs. 1,375
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