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The best price of Benetton Be Strong in Pakistan is Rs. 3,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,000 - updated 22 Sep 2023. A world-famous clothing brand that also has various fragrance options. Benetton Be Strong is a cologne for men who like woody, spicy tones with a good amount of fresh, white floral and smoky notes. These accords combined make for something light that also has depth to it and is versatile, meaning it can be worn at various times. The price of this cologne is in an affordable range, making its quality easily accessible.


A brand that was family-run, started by siblings in 1965, Benetton is of Italian origin. Today it is owned by the family via Edizione and has a presence in many countries. The clothes are known for their vibrant colours and simple designs. The quality of Benetton clothes and products is high.

Benetton even has a range of fragrances on offer, with both colognes and perfumes.

Benetton Be Strong

A cologne true to its name, Benetton Be Strong is made for men who like more fresh notes to be encasing their persona. The top layer is made from lime, mandarin orange and grapefruit. With these notes, the opening is super citrusy.

The middle layer is where one gets the spices. It consists of ginger, pink pepper, jasmine and nutmeg. To root all these notes into a warmer space the base notes are made from cedar, incense and labdanum. This adds in a smokiness, wood and also a leather-like tone from labdanum.

Overall the concoction makes for a super fresh cologne that is ideal for daily wear, it will keep one smelling nice and feeling fresh. The longevity and sillage are moderate, ample for one's day.


For the price, Benetton Be Strong is good on value. The price is in an affordable range for this cologne.

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United Dream Men Be Strong EDT Rs. 3,000
Hassan Gilani
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  • United Dream Men Be Strong EDT

    United Dream Men Be Strong EDT