Beurer Air Humidifier Price in Pakistan

Compare 16 prices from 4 stores. The best price of Beurer Air Humidifier in Pakistan is Rs. 7,500 and the estimated average price is Rs. 39,240.


Air humidifiers are very useful in places that have dry weather or in the months that have dry weather, they help maintain the atmosphere indoors so one is comfortable. Beurer has a few different options for air humidifiers one can choose from.


Dry weather can aggravate skin conditions and respiratory issues as well. To counter this one can make use of Beurer Air Humidifiers, these help maintain a certain level of humidity in the indoor atmosphere.

Using a Beurer Air Humidifier would help by adding moisture to the air, this works as even in nature a certain level of humidity is needed to breathe properly. This makes it easier to breathe for anyone with lung issues. One's skin in dry weather also starts to degrade faster and any other conditions could get aggravated. Humidity in the air also helps with that.

Some eye conditions are also ramped up by dryness, for this too the Beurer Air Humidifiers are useful.

Beurer Air Humidifier models also come with air purifiers to add even more advantages to the device, helping to remove pollutants, dust and allergens from the air. Depending on the specific model prices range from affordable to expensive.

Price List

Model Price
Air Humidifier White (Beurer LB 37) 1s Rs. 7,500
Air Humidifiers (Beurer LR 300/310 Filter) 1s Rs. 7,500
Air Humidifier Toffee (Beurer LB 37) 1s Rs. 8,750
Air Humidifier (Beurer LB 44) 1s Rs. 10,000
LB12 Beurer Mini Air Humidifier 20m2 White Rs. 11,999
Air Humidifier (Beurer LR 500 Filter) 1s Rs. 15,000
Air Humidifier (Beurer LB 50) 1s Rs. 15,000
Beurer LB 88 Air Humidifier... Rs. 17,094
Air Humidifier Black (Beurer LB 88) 1s Rs. 21,000
LB88 Beurer Humidifier 48m3 6Ltr Ultrasonic Nebul… Rs. 29,999
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Compare 16 prices from 4 stores.

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Rs. 7500 - Rs. 100000