Beurer Air Purifier

Compare 39 prices from 11 stores.

Compare 39 prices from 11 stores.

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Rs. 40000 - Rs. 190000


Air quality is a concern in the world with all the pollution. To keep your indoor air quality in check one can make use of a Beurer Air Purifier. Built with filters that remove harmful particles from the air and also help reduce allergens and dust.


A Beurer Air Purifier could be a great help to keep the air indoors cleaner. The devices come with filters of various kinds and a fan that pushes the air through these filters, with allergens, dust and other particles being filtered out so one gets clean air.

Due to the Beurer Air Purifiers' ability to stop allergens is very useful for people who get allergies during spring. With built-in systems that monitor the air quality, the device adjusts the fan speed.

Different models have their own set of filters some have a prefilter, an activated carbon filter and a HEPA filter as well. One can choose the air purifier that suits their needs, with prices that are relatively high.

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The best price of Beurer Air Purifier in Pakistan is Rs. 40,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 108,395.

Price List

Model Price
Beurer Wellbeing Air Purifier, LR-310 Rs. 57,500
Beurer Wellbeing Air Purifier, LR-220 Rs. 54,000
Beurer App-Controlled Air Purifier, LR-401 Rs. 85,000
LR400 Beurer Air Purifier Wifi Enabled Hepa Filt… Rs. 89,999
Sharp Air Purifier FU-A80Y-N Rs. 178,000
Braun Scan & Clean Air Purifier, Triple Filtratio… Rs. 120,000
Sharp Air Purifier FP-J60Y-W Rs. 138,000
Philips Air Purifier for Medium Rooms AC1715/20 Rs. 129,999
Samsung Air Purifier AX60R5080WD Rs. 155,000