Beurer Massager Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Beurer Massager in Pakistan is Rs. 3,250 and estimated average price is Rs. 17,968.


Dedicated to well-being, Beurer has a host of products for this purpose. Their range includes massagers of various shapes so one can get a general one or a massager designed for a specific body part. Massagers can help relieve a lot of stress that builds up in the body. The prices range from affordable to a higher range depending on the specific device and its functions.


A German brand that is known all over the world for its quality products, Beurer has a lot of devices designed for well-being. This includes many different massagers.

Massagers can be helpful in releasing stress that one carries in their body, it could be from an injury, bad posture or even just from a high-stress lifestyle. The muscles cramp up and carry stress that needs to be released, if it is not for longer periods one could have other issues as well.

Beurer massagers

One can find general body massagers from Beurer, these are handheld and can be used wherever one can reach. This would be ideal if you want to have a massager that covers a broader range of places on your body, it can also be used on another in case you want to help. These also come with a feature that adds in infrared so one can get heat while massaging too, this helps make the muscles warmer and thus softer too, adding to the relaxing process.

Other than this kind, Beurer has specific massagers that fit the body part they are designed for. This includes a neck massager, a massager for feet, one for the Achilles tendon, leg compression massagers, seat massagers that can fit onto any chair or sofa and a belt massager. There is also a pillow that is a massager.

Between all these one can find something specific or work with the general one base don their injury or needs otherwise.


Beurer makes high-quality products, the prices vary a lot depending on the massager. The general handheld ones come in affordable price ranges while the larger more specific ones cost quite a bit more.

Price List

Model Price
Beurer FM 150 compression massager Rs. 25,000
Beurer MG 21 infrared massager Rs. 5,500
Beurer - MG 17 Spa Mini Massager White Rs. 3,250
Beurer FM 150 Pro compression massager Rs. 42,500
Beurer MG 100 infrared tapping massager Rs. 28,000
Beurer FM 150 compression massager Rs. 25,000
Beurer foot Air compression massager FM 90 Rs. 35,000
Beurer achilles tendon massager FM 200 Achillomed® Rs. 36,000
Beurer FM 60 Shiatsu foot massager Rs. 19,000
Beurer MG 40 infrared massager Rs. 6,500
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