Beurer Mini Pad Price in Pakistan

The best price of Beurer Mini Pad in Pakistan is Rs. 1,300 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,098.


The Beurer Mini pad is designed for pain relief in the abdominal area, this works especially well for cramping.


Beurer's Mini Pad uses electrostimulation to reduce the pain that occurs from cramping in women. The targeted pain relief helps and the pad itself is soft as well as flexible making it easy to have on.

This is also a TENS machine of which there are many types used for various medical purposes. If one has a pacemaker or other electronic devices implanted. This could cause serious harm to the user.

The Beurer Mini Pad makes for a very useful device during menstruation, as that process causes a lot of cramping which in some cases can be debilitating. This device has different settings for intensity so one can choose a setting that works for their pain.

An auto switch-off system is also integrated, making it simple if one wants to use it while resting.

A nominally priced device that is very useful as it is non-invasive and drug-free as well.

Price List

Model Price
Mini Pad for Back Pain Relief (Beurer EM 10) 1s Rs. 1,300
Beurer EM 10 Mini Pad Relaxing Massage (647.22) Rs. 3,163
Mini Pad For Body Pain Relief (Beurer EM 10) 1s Rs. 1,300
Mini Pad for Relaxing Massage (Beurer EM 10) 1s Rs. 1,300
Mini Pad for Abdumilan Pain Relief (Beurer EM 10)… Rs. 1,300
Beurer EM10 Mini Pad Women Pain Relief for Abdomi… Rs. 3,163
Beurer EM10 Mini Pad for Back Pain Relief (647.21) Rs. 3,163
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