Beurer Tower Fan

Compare 27 prices from 7 stores.

Compare 27 prices from 7 stores.

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Rs. 5199 - Rs. 50544


A tower fan from Beurer could work very well for smaller spaces like apartments. The extra features also make it a great option.


A Beurer Tower Fan is a slim, floor-standing fan that is ideal for saving space. This makes it an apt choice for apartments or smaller rooms.

WIth a Beurer Tower Fan, one can also get extra features like an air purifier. A lot come with a remote so you can change settings from a distance with ease. A timer is great in case you are going to bed. There are also some with a quiet mode so one can doze off with ease.

The Beurer Tower Fan is also completely covered so one is protected from the fan blades.

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The best price of Beurer Tower Fan in Pakistan is Rs. 5,199 and the estimated average price is Rs. 18,927.

Price List

Model Price
Beurer Wellbeing Tower Fan, LV-200 Rs. 42,000
Decakila Tower fan – KEFC002B Rs. 18,812
E-Lite Tower Fan ETF-002 Rs. 47,500
E-LITE TOWER FAN 38" ETF 002 Rs. 29,499
Royal Louver Pedestal Fan 14″ Copper Rs. 8,360
Royal Ceiling Fan 56″ Deluxe Copper Rs. 8,660
E-Lite Tower Fan, 38 Inches, 50W, ETF-002 Rs. 27,000
Royal Ceiling Fan 48″ Deluxe Copper Rs. 8,630
Royal Ceiling Fan 56″ Passion Copper Rs. 8,860
Cilleing Fan Rs. 5,199
Super National Copper Ceiling Fan/lahore Model Bi… Rs. 7,800
Black & Decker TF50 Tower Fan Rs. 50,544