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Glittery makeup is never completely out of fashion and looks great on festive occasions or anytime you want to add a bit of glitz and glamour to your look. BH Cosmetics's collection of glitter makeup products includes glittery eyeshades, shimmer products, glittery lip glosses and hair glitter sprays etc. Use them to amp up the glam and walk into a party like a diva. BH Cosmetics Glitter Collection prices vary depending on the size and type of product. 


Product Range

BH Cosmetics Glitter Collection has a selection of glitter based products for different makeup looks. These include different lines of loose powder, cream, chunky and gel-based glitter makeup.

Popular items in the collection are BH Cosmetics Diamond Dazzlers Loose Foil Pigments, OMG Glitter! Face & Body Gel and Loose Glitter Collection. There is also a range of shimmer metallic glitters that give more of a shimmery finish than glittery.

Various Makeup Looks

These can be used on the eyes, cheeks, collar bones as well as on lips to add a bit of sparkly glamour to your makeup look. Use with an eyeliner brush along the lashline to glam up the eye shadow and make it look classy.

You can also apply it to the inner and outer corners of the eyes to instantly brighten up the eyes. For a perfect party-ready look, pair the glittery eye makeup with glittery lips by adding a bit of BH Cosmetics Loose Glitter Pigments in the centre of your lipgloss.

If you like glitter in your hair or on the body, go for BH Cosmetics OMG Glitter! Chunky Face & Body Gel. This has bigger pieces of glitter that catch more light and are highly reflective.

Dazzling Finish

All products in the glitter collection deliver a dazzling high shine finish. They come in stunning shades including pinks, reds, purples, oranges, golds, white, silver, greens etc. There is a plethora of shade range to choose from that includes rich vibrant jewel-toned colours to pastels and muted tones.

Easy to Remove

As long as you use the right product to stick the glitter in place, they are easy to remove with just a good makeup remover, oil or cleanser. Do not rub vigorously to remove the glitter, instead gently wipe off glitter products with makeup wipes and oil or a makeup remover and then wash off with a good face wash.

Pro Tips

Make sure to prep your skin well before applying any glitter based products from BH Cosmetics Glitter Collection. This ensures a smooth base and allows the glitter to stick and last longer. Do not rub the glitter onto the makeup, instead dab it on with the help of an applicator or your fingertips.

For best results use Base Booster Glitter & Shadow Glue by BH Cosmetics along with the Glitter Collection. It is a clear glue in cream form that locks the glitter in place and prevents it from falling out.

Price List

Model Price
Vipera Galaxy Glitter Eyeshadow, NR-106 Rs. 4,240
Vipera Galaxy Glitter Eyeshadow, NR-103 Rs. 4,240
Vipera Galaxy Glitter Eye shadow, NR-127 Rs. 4,240
Vipera Galaxy Glitter Eye shadow, NR-108Q Rs. 4,240
Vipera Galaxy Glitter Eyeshadow, NR-105 Rs. 4,240
Vipera Galaxy Luxury Glitter Eyeshadow, NR-154 Rs. 4,240
Vipera Galaxy Glitter Eyeshadow, NR-139 Rs. 4,240
Vipera Galaxy Luxury Glitter Eyeshadow, NR-152 Rs. 4,240
Vipera Galaxy Glitter Eyeshadow, NR-109 Rs. 4,240
Vipera Galaxy Luxury Glitter Eyeshadow, NR-151 Rs. 4,240
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Compare 35 prices from 3 stores.

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