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Compare 47 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 580 - Rs. 1650


The Big Bird Foos are supplying Fully Cooked, Ready To Cook and Processed Chicken boxed products in Pakistan. Launched in 1985 as a fast solution to distributing high-quality chicken meat saving families time when preparing meals at home. They have a host of frozen and fresh chilled chicken products enjoyed by children and adults.


Fully Cooked

Pakistani hospitality involved preparing BBQ for fancy dinner parties that can be served with rice and bread. The Big Bird Food have fully cooked items such as Chicken BBQ Tikka, Jalapeno, Seekh Kabab, Kofta, Chapli Kabab and Gola Kabab fo traditional Pakistani cuisine. There is also continental Moroccan Chicken Wings and Spicy Chicken Fillet

Ready To Cook

The carefully prepared snacks by Big Bird Foods has all the essential masalas and ingredients to fry up the perfect Aloo Samosa, Croquettes, Nuggets, Chicken Pops and Burger patties for parties making it easy to manage cooking multiple dishes while entertaining on short notice. Making dishes like Shami Kabab can be time-consuming and laborious when done from scratch which is why buying ready to cook items makes it easy to save precious time and energy for busy working parents and large families. 

Processed Chicken 

The heart of Pakistani home cooking is having the right chicken pieces that are cit in various styles for different curries and dishes making it essential to have a variety. The Bone-In Thigh Marinated comes semi-prepared serving up a spicy without needing to wait for hours for the marination process. These items can be bought and used right out of the bag or frozen at home to be used over the course of the week or month. 

There is a Fried Whole Chicken that is ready to be served to guests by simply baking it in the oven at home. The Karahi Cut, Marinated Bone-In Chicken and Boneless Thighs will help create the perfect dishes for lunch and dinner at home. The Premium Qeema, Prime Boti Cut, Skin On Drumsticks and Tenderloin Fillet are delicious additions to the traditional style making it easy to change up the weekly menu at home. 

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The best price of Big Bird Foods in Pakistan is Rs. 580 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,170.

Price List

Model Price
Big Bird Classic Chicken Wings 945gm Rs. 1,350
Big Bird Chicken Chips, 40 Pieces, 920g Rs. 1,550
Big Bird Juicy Chicken Tenders 648g Rs. 1,270
Big Bird Potato Samosa 12 Pieces, 600g Rs. 820
Big Bird Southern Chicken Pops 800gm Rs. 1,250
Big Bird Spicy Chicken Fillet, 4 Pieces, 460gm Rs. 910
Big Bird Classic Burger Patties, 16 Pieces, 960gm Rs. 1,230
Big Bird Chicken Jalapeno, 9 Pieces, 1250gm Rs. 1,520
Big Bird Tempura Chicken Nuggets, 40 Pieces, 800gm Rs. 1,490
Big Bird Classic Chicken Nuggets, 40 Pieces, 880gm Rs. 1,180
Big Bird Spicy Chicken Nuggets, 40 Pieces, 880gm Rs. 1,140
Big Bird Chicken Seekh Kabab, 18 Pieces, 540g Rs. 1,110