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Compare 15 prices from 3 stores.

Compare 15 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 4975 - Rs. 15000


The Bilbao Bags from Astore are made for more everyday use as they are larger and have space for all your things. There is a smaller compartment inside with a zip so one can separate some things in case they want to organize.


The Astore brand has various options for handbags, the Bilbao Bags are larger-sized ones that are ideal for everyday use or travel. With ample space to house all your things, handles to carry or a strap for carrying it on your shoulder as well.

A smaller, mid-sized pocket in the middle separates the two sides. This lets one organise their things in three different spaces. The material is PU leather, meaning it is easy to clean and quite durable. You can pick from a range of colours, allowing you to accessorise your look based on the colours you like.

The strap is long, allowing you to carry the bag on your shoulder. In case you prefer handles to hold it with or have it on your arm, that is also possible.

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The best price of Bilbao Bags in Pakistan is Rs. 4,975 and the estimated average price is Rs. 8,863.

Price List

Model Price
Leather Bags - Blue Rs. 10,100
Formal Tote Hand Bags B15063-Blue Rs. 4,975
Casual Tote Hand Bags B14989-Red Rs. 4,975
Casual Tote Hand Bags B15013-Green Rs. 7,475
Formal Tote Hand Bags B14969-Beige Rs. 6,975
Formal Tote Hand Bags B14972-Blue Rs. 14,550
Formal Tote Hand Bags B14970-Blue Rs. 11,400
Formal Tote Hand Bags B14972-Blue Rs. 15,000
Formal Tote Hand Bags B14972-Blue Rs. 12,000
Formal Tote Hand Bags B15049-Beige Rs. 5,475
Beige Shoulder Bag-434242118 Rs. 11,500
Beige/Grey Shoulder Bag-434112118 Rs. 7,630
Beige/Grey Shoulder Bag-434092118 Rs. 7,630