Bingo Electric Kettle

Compare 43 prices from 14 stores.

Compare 43 prices from 14 stores.

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Rs. 4850 - Rs. 35471


An electric kettle is a very convenient way to heat up water for your kitchen needs. Bingo has a few different electric kettles one can choose from. The prices are nominal.


An electric kettle can boil water for you in mere minutes. Bingo has a few different ones that one can pick from.

The sizes vary and that is one of the major differences. The designs might be different but in function, they are all the same. The water needs to be filled till either the minimum marker or to the maximum level, placed on the base and then you press the button.

Once the water has boiled the kettle stops and the button springs back up. You can easily pour the water for whatever you need it.

The price of Bingo electric kettles is affordable. One should only fill it to the maximum level, if one fills more the power usage increases, the marked level is for optimum functionality.

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The best price of Bingo Electric Kettle in Pakistan is Rs. 4,850 and the estimated average price is Rs. 10,408.

Price List

Model Price
Jackpot Electric Kettle (JP-977) Rs. 6,275
Cambridge SK9771 Electric Kettle Rs. 7,999
Gaba National GN-8607 BS Electric Kettle Rs. 6,219
Eco Star Electric Kettle EH-KE110-W/B Rs. 4,850
Philips Electric Kettle Silver & Black Rs. 16,325
Electric Kettle Water Boiler Stainless Steel body… Rs. 6,980
Cambridge SK9789MK2 Coffee Tea Electric Kettle 1.… Rs. 6,980
DeLonghi Brillante Design Electric Kettle, KBJ2001 Rs. 20,480
E-Lite EWK-16B Electric Kettle 16L Rs. 29,950
Bingo Ceramic Cooker (hotplate) Rs. 9,400
Cambridge Electric Kettle SK-9771 Steel Kettle Rs. 6,980