Bingo Hand Blender Price in Pakistan

The best price of Bingo Hand Blender in Pakistan is Rs. 4,160 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,880.


A Bingo hand bender can get your repetitive tasks done faster in the kitchen and help you prepare ingredients, sauces and more. One can also use it to whisk. The price of this mini appliance is nominal.


A hand blender is a great tool to add convenience to the kitchen, it can help you complete small tasks faster so your overall time is shortened in the kitchen. Bingo has a few different options for hand blenders that one can look at.

The Bingo hand blender can help you quickly make shakes and sauces, mix ingredients and also can be used while the dish is on a stove. They come with a small cup that can be used to blend in and there is also the whisk attachment so you can beat eggs of souffles.

The price of Bingo's hand blenders is nominal, adding a lot of value to your kitchen with all the things it can do and the price.

Price List

Model Price
Bingo Deluxe Hand Blender – SB-171 Rs. 4,299
Bingo Deluxe Hand Blender SB-171 Rs. 4,160
Bingo Deluxe Hand blender – SB-173 – 400W Rs. 4,942
Bingo Deluxe Hand Blender SB-173 Rs. 4,580
Bingo Deluxe Hand blender – 400W – SB-173 Rs. 4,749
Bingo Deluxe Hand Blender – 1000W – SB- 180 Pro Rs. 5,699
Bingo Deluxe Hand Blender SB-180-Pro 1000W Rs. 5,735
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