Bingo Hand Chopper

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Compare 8 prices from 1 stores.

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Rs. 629 - Rs. 2800


A hand-powered chopper from Bingo that can be used to chop vegetables to make salads or whisk an egg. It can also be used to mix things. The price of this kitchen tool is at a lower end.


The Bingo hand chopper has a circular container that has a hand-powered crank on top that one uses to chop the items placed inside. One can also use this same method to mix things together or whisk an egg to make a fluffy omellete.

The price of a Bingo hand blender is at the lower end.

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The best price of Bingo Hand Chopper in Pakistan is Rs. 629 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,380.

Price List

Model Price
Bingo Handy Chopper Rs. 2,400
Iq Mini Hand Chopper Small Easy Spin Cutter Mini … Rs. 699
Handy Speedy Small Cyclone Hand Chopper Rs. 789
Handy Speedy Small Cyclone Hand Chopper Rs. 629
Handy Speedy Small Cyclone Hand Chopper Rs. 759
Handy Speedy Small Cyclone Hand Chopper Rs. 769