Bingo Steel Kettle

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Compare 8,365 prices from 103 stores.

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Rs. 2139 - Rs. 1550000


A great way to keep your hot liquids warm is to use a Bingo steel kettle. It is vailable for a nominal price.


Bingo has electric steel kettles with double walls, a quick way to heat your water, bringing it to a boil within minutes. One should only fill it to the markers or between them, anything lesser damages the kettle and anything more than the max marker consumes a lot more electricity, reducing the efficiency of the kettle.

The Boss electric steel kettle will turn off itself once the water has reached a boil. It rests on a base and can be lifted so one can easily pour the hot water without a cable attached to the kettle itself.

The price of Boss steel kettles is in an affordable range.

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Model Price
Kettle Design 0004 Rs. 2,250
Kettle Design 0009 Rs. 2,250
Kettle Design 0008 Rs. 2,250
Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle 2.5L Rs. 3,380
Kettle Design 0003 Rs. 6,500
Kettle Design 0007 Rs. 2,250
Kettle Design 0011 Rs. 2,250
Anex AG-4046 Steel Kettle Rs. 9,260
Anex AG-4046 Steel Kettle 1.7Ltr Rs. 6,884
Kettle Design 0014 Rs. 2,250