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Bio Hunza Black Seed Oil can be used in multiple ways to aid in your well-being.


Bio Hunza Black Seed Oil is cold pressed from kalonji or Nigella sativa. The cold pressing makes sure the oil does not get denatured. Black seed on its own is considered very healthy and holds a special place in Islamic culture.

One can consume Bio Hunza Black Seed Oil in small amounts daily to counter conditions such as asthma, skin issues, inflammation, cholesterol, blood sugar and also to aid in the loss of weight. Black seed oil is also known to be good for the brain. All this is more based on anecdotal evidence and is mentioned in ancient texts regarding a more holistic approach to life.

Bio Hunza Black Seed Oil contains vitamins A (retinoids), B (niacinamide), C (ascorbic acid), thymoquinone and minerals. This oil also contains antioxidants and is antifungal. All this is good for the hair and massaging it gently into the scalp can give one soft and luscious hair.

As with most natural substances, the effects of Bio Hunza Black Seed Oil would take a bit more time so one has to use it regularly for a while before the results are noticeable.

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