Bio Hunza Black Seed Oil

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Compare 9,781 prices from 85 stores.

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Bio Hunza Black Seed Oil transcends being merely a cooking oil. Its unique cultivation, cold-pressed purity and rich nutrient profile make it an excellent choice for those seeking a natural way to enhance their well-being.


Sustainable Farming

Bio Hunza black seeds grow in the untainted soil of the Hunza Valley, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

The challenging yet nurturing climate, characterized by intense sunlight and cool nights, encourages the development of powerful bioactive compounds within the seeds.

This traditional, sustainable farming method results in seeds full of natural goodness.

Cold-Pressed Purity

Unlike oils extracted using harsh heat or chemicals, Bio Hunza Black Seed Oil undergoes a cold-pressing process.

This gentle method preserves the delicate balance of beneficial nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants found in the seeds.

The resulting oil is a deep amber liquid with a nutty aroma and a slightly peppery taste.

Nutrient Rich

Bio Hunza Black Seed Oil is a treasure trove of natural goodness. It is rich in thymoquinone, a bioactive compound known for potential health benefits.

Additionally, it serves as a good source of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Unique Benefits

This oil has a centuries-old tradition of use in various cultures for potential health-promoting properties. Some studies suggest it may support immune function, digestive health, respiratory health and overall well-being.

However, it is important to note that more research is needed to fully understand its potential benefits and limitations.

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MARHABA-Black Seed Oil 25ml Rs. 180
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