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Bio Hunza Castor Oil has various benefits and is a good natural fix for some issues. One of the most common uses is as a laxative.


Bio Hunza Castor Oil is cold pressed, making sure the oil is not denatured by heat.

One can use Bio Hunza Castor Oil for many different things, with the main use being as a laxative. The taste is a bit unpleasant so if one has to consume castor oil, it can be placed in the fridge for an hour to cool it. This makes it a bit more palatable.

Bio Hunza Castor Oil is also helpful for dry patches on the body, reducing acne, increased wound healing, fighting fungus and also has anti-inflammatory properties. People also use castor oil for scalp and hair health, although it does not boost hair growth per se, that is a myth.

Castor oil should not be had by pregnant women as it can set off contractions and premature labour.

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