Bio Hunza Dried Apricot

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Compare 2,112 prices from 32 stores.

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Bio Hunza Dried Apricots are a nutritious and delicious snack made from the finest apricots grown in the Hunza Valley. These apricots are carefully handpicked and naturally dried, preserving their rich flavour and nutritional value. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these dried apricots offer a range of health benefits, including improved digestion, boosted immune system and enhanced skin health.


Organically Cultivated

Bio Hunza Dried Apricots thrive in the pristine environment of the Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan, renowned for its pure surroundings and traditional farming methods.

These apricots carry certifications from the Control Union Certifications and the USDA, guaranteeing their organic status and freedom from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Naturally Sun-Dried

Embracing a natural sun-drying process, Bio Hunza apricots undergo a method that may be slower than industrial alternatives but ensures the concentration of their flavours and nutrients.

This traditional approach preserves the fruit's inherent quality and taste.

Whole & Unsulfured

Unlike many commercially dried apricots, Bio Hunza preserves the integrity of the fruit. Bio Hunza Dried Apricots remain whole and unsulfured, retaining their natural shape and colour without the addition of sulfur dioxide.

Sulfur dioxide is a preservative known to trigger allergic reactions in some individuals.


Bio Hunza Dried Apricots stand as a commendable source of fibre, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. Additionally, they offer a rich array of antioxidants, contributing to cell protection against damage.

Delightful Flavor

The naturally sweet and tangy flavour of Bio Hunza Dried Apricots makes them not only a healthy but also a satisfying snack.

Their versatility extends to baking, cooking, and crafting homemade trail mix.

Distinct Apricot Variety

Bio Hunza exclusively utilizes the Hunza Black Apricot, a unique variety native to the Hunza Valley. While smaller and tarter than their commercial counterparts, these apricots boast a higher concentration of nutrients and flavour.

Fair Trade Commitment

As a fair trade certified company, Bio Hunza ensures equitable compensation for their farmers and actively supports sustainable farming practices.

Community Development

Beyond business, Bio Hunza is dedicated to enhancing the lives of Hunza Valley residents. They invest in community education, healthcare and infrastructure projects, contributing to holistic development in the region.


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Dried Apricot|1000gm Rs. 880
Dried Apricot -500grams Pack High Quality - Fresh… Rs. 680
Fruitri Organic Premium Dried Apricot Dry Fruits,… Rs. 780
Nutri Apricot with Seed 200g Rs. 790
Dried Apricots Khubani 1kg Fresh Quality Rs. 1,400
Dried Apricot -1kg Pack High Quality - Fresh Stoc… Rs. 1,350
Dried Apricot-khubani Khush-500 Grams Rs. 600
Freshly Packed Dried Apricots - 500gm Pack Rs. 700
Dried Apricot (sukhi Gol Khubani) 1 Kg Fresh Best… Rs. 1,400
Dried Apricots – Organic & Pure Khubani Rs. 599