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A cold-pressed oil, the Bio Hunza Sesame Oil is useful for various health benefits. The benefits can be reaped by applying or consuming this oil.


The Bio Hunza Sesame Oil is cold pressed so one of the compounds are denatured, ensuring you get the maximum possible positive effects. Sesame oil is one of the oldest crop-based oils used by humans, dating back thousands of years. One can use the Bio Hunza Sesame Oil for their hair, skin or even to consume.

Great for soothing and moisturising, Bio Hunza Sesame Oil can be applied to the skin and hair. Sesame oil also works as a sunscreen, helping reduce damage from the sun when you are out.

This oil has a higher level of Vitamin K and also some Vitamin E; also present are omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids. Sesame oil helps fight inflammation and also levels out blood sugar levels. People also consume it to improve heart health.

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