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Compare 59 prices from 9 stores.

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Rs. 190 - Rs. 9500


Biocos Hair Removing Cream is available in three specialized formulas that gently remove body hair and is suitable for all skin types.


All the Biocos hair removal creams are infused with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E that is a great combination to moisturise and soothe sensitive skin. Those that prefer the freshness and citric fragrance can use the Lemon or if you want floral perfume then use the Rose version that will remove all the hair and leave the skin feeling smooth. The Biocos Cream For Men has whitening serum packed into the formula that will start lightening the skin in a few days of application. There are plenty of body lotions with various ingredients that can keep the skin soft and hydrated all year round. The Beauty Cream is available in Large and Small sizes that make it easy to store or carry in your toiletries bag while travelling. It has Arbutin, Vitamin-E, and B5 that will restore natural radiance and rejuvenate the skin. Skin conditions can be hard to treat with standard beauty creams which is why Biocos skincare includes a specialised Anti Acne Cream that is designed to reduce blemishes and neutralise inflammation or redness. The Anti Acne Cream has essential vitamins that brighten the skin and restore its elasticity. 

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The best price of Biocos Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 190 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,103.

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Model Price
Pack Of 3 Biocos Cream,Face... Rs. 540
Pack Of 5 Biocos Cream,Soap... Rs. 1,140
Palmolive Intensive Moisture Coco Cream & Milk Sh… Rs. 590
Dr.rashel Aloe Vera Uv Protection Sun Block Cream… Rs. 699
Jenpharm Spectra Block Broad Spectrum Sun Block C… Rs. 998
Deu Tech Solotan Sun Block Cream SPF-100, For All… Rs. 1,295
Dr.rashel Sun Cream Anti-aging Summer Moisturizer… Rs. 899
Skin White Sun Block Cream Sff 60/90 Uva & Uvb 10… Rs. 220
Sun Off Plus Sun Block Cream, SPF 70, Broad Spect… Rs. 550