Bisconni Cocomo

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Compare 9,315 prices from 201 stores.

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Bisconni Cocomo is a household favourite snack that is enjoyed by children and adults. It is a bite-sized hallow sweet biscuit shaped like a button that is filled with different flavours of cream.


Bisconni Cocomo has a roster of flavours now that include Double Chocolate, Milk, Strawberry, and Orange cream that is filled into each biscuit shell. The iconic slogan "Cocomo Mughe Bhi Do" is now a celebrated anthem throughout the country.  

A snack that is popularly given as a treat to children at parties and birthdays. Enjoyed by the whole family and shared by friends at picnics. It pairs well with a glass of milk or a hot cup of tea. The classic taste of biscuit and cream is enjoyed by all ages. Bisconni Cocomo is affordable and can be enjoyed as a single serving or shared between 2 to 4 people. 

The smallest packet is Rs.5 that is considered a single serving followed by a larger packet of Rs. 10 that can be shared between two people. The largest size is the Party Pack which is Rs. 50 that has enough biscuits for a large group. 

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