Black And Decker Food Steamer

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Compare 27 prices from 6 stores.

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Black & Decker is a reputable appliance brand that has food steamers as well. There are different sizes one can choose from, based on their need. A food steamer is a healthier option when it comes to preparing food as it can cook without any oil. The price of a Black & Decker food steamer is in the lower mid-range.

Pros & Cons


  • Healthier food preparation method


Black & Decker food steamer

Food steamers have been used for centuries, especially in ancient China. The modern versions of steamers include electronic steamers, one can find them among the many small kitchen appliances that Black & Decker produces.

Steaming is useful to produce food that is prepared without oil and is part of various healthy diets. These diets include the Okinawa diet, macrobiotic diet, the CRON-diet and cuisine minceur. A big advantage is that there is little loss of nutrients in comparison to boiling.

Black & Decker has food steamers with multiple tiers, each tier can hold food, letting one cook different things at once too. One can opt for different sizes based on what their general requirement is relating to the quantities of food they need to produce. There are timers built-in so one can get the perfect cook. A Black & Decker food steamer is dishwasher safe so one can take it apart and easily clean it. 

Some options from the brand even feature a flavour drip tray on top that lets one add herbs or other ingredients to it so have the scent be a part of the steam, infusing it with the food. Other models have a tray to collect all the nutrients lost in the steam in the form of a juice that has dripped off.


A Black & Decker food steamer is ideal for anyone looking to prepare healthy meals for specific diets or as a part of their regular lifestyle. There are some specific recipes that require a steamer so this would help one execute those as well.

The price of a Black & Decker food steamer is in the lower mid-range, making it relatively accessible to a lot of people. 

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The best price of Black And Decker Food Steamer in Pakistan is Rs. 15,228 and the estimated average price is Rs. 40,225.

Price List

Model Price
Black & Decker Food Steamer HS6000 Rs. 18,500
Black & Decker HS6000 3 Tier Food Steamer Rs. 34,992
Black n Decker X2800 Steam Iron Rs. 16,210
Black & Decker Garment Steamer, 1600W, GST-1600-B5 Rs. 30,875
Black & Decker Handy Garment Steamer, Blue, HST12… Rs. 16,625
Black & Decker GST2M2050 Garment Steamer Rs. 67,068
Black & Decker Rice Cooker, 2.8L, 1100W, RC-2850 Rs. 28,500
Black & Decker Multi Function Food Processor 1000… Rs. 41,500
Sanford Food Steamer Rs. 32,395.50
Black & Decker Garment Steamer, 1785W, GSTM2050 Rs. 35,150
Black & Decker MZ2010P 20L Microwave Oven Rs. 32,440
Black n Decker FX1075 Food Processor Rs. 36,244