Black And Decker Meat Mincer

Compare 83 prices from 19 stores.

Compare 83 prices from 19 stores.

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Rs. 2899 - Rs. 95000


A meat mincer is convenient to have at home if one likes to prepare their own burger patties. You can choose how much fat and lean meat you want to mix. A good brand option is Black & Decker, they make sturdy machines that have good performance. The prices are in the mid-range, making them relatively affordable.


A brand known for producing high-quality electronics in various segments of the market, including small kitchen appliances. Having a mincer at home means one can prepare their mincemeat exactly how they need it, this is super useful for people who are preparing meat for burger patties or kebabs. It allows one to choose how much fat content they want in their mince.

Black & Decker Meat Mincer

There are kitchen-top meat mincers from Black & Decker that make one's work super fast. These mincers have stainless steel blades so they have a long life. On top, there is a small food tray and pusher so one can easily feed the meat into the grinder. The machine comes with a sausage-making accessory as well, in case one wants to make them at home.

To keep the mincing efficient the blades RPM is 140. The speed option is generally a single speed and one can regrind the meat if they feel like they need the mince to be finer. With two different cutting blade options as well to define how fine the meat can be. There is also a reverse option in case things get a bit caught.

At the base, there are anti-slip rubber feet so the meat mincer is not dancing across the countertop.

Black & Decker has made their meat mincers easier to clean, this is a super convenient functional aspect of the machine.


The price of Black & Decker meat mincers is mid-range. These are high-quality machines built with sturdy components so one has a long-lasting appliance that serves them well.


The best price of Black And Decker Meat Mincer in Pakistan is Rs. 2,899 and the estimated average price is Rs. 19,418.

Price List

Model Price
Black & Decker Meat Mincer FM1500 Rs. 27,600
Black & Decker Meat Mincer Original – FM1700 Rs. 20,943
Black & Decker FM1500 Meat Mincer Rs. 51,322
Black & Decker Meat Mincer/Grinder, 1500 Watts, F… Rs. 31,350
Black & Decker FM1500 Meat Mincer with Official W… Rs. 25,599
Commercial Meat Mincer Machine For Restaurant And… Rs. 26,500
Anex Handy Meat Mincer Red AG-09 Rs. 3,055
Anex AG-2048 Meat Grinder Mincer Rs. 23,110
Philips HR2710/10 Meat mincer Rs. 29,900
Commercial Small Appliances Meat Mincer Mc32n Rs. 95,000
Philips HR2710/10 Meat Mincer Rs. 24,799
Dawlance Meat Mincer DWMM-6001W Rs. 16,430