Black & Decker Air Fryer

Compare 123 prices from 20 stores.

Compare 123 prices from 20 stores.

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Rs. 14060 - Rs. 160000


A very reliable brand that has many products, Black & Decker also has air fryers in their catalogue, an appliance that is great for someone looking to eat more healthy food. The price of the Black & Decker options is in a mid-range.


Black & Decker is a known brand with many different kinds of electronics, they also have kitchen appliances. Among the range, one can also find air fryers. With multiple options that vary in size a bit, this lets one pick the apt one for their use. This fryer uses hot air that is circulated inside to cook food.

An air fryer from Black & Decker, like other air fryers, is a great way to fry food without it being doused in oil. If something would need half a cup to fry in a pan, in an air fryer it would need a tablespoon; this difference is massive when one considers regular food preparation and what consumption of oil means. This method does make food super crispy and will give it a crunch that you can't always manage from a pan.

The food goes into a basket after being brushed with oil and as it fries the extra oil and fat which melts is caught below the basket in a tray. Generally, the cooking time is more compared to frying in a pan, so one needs to take that into account for their food preparation. It varies depending on what you are cooking and would need to look up the timings online to be more exacting.

There are two knobs that allow you to set the temperature and time, so one can get just the right amounts on both.


Black & Decker has options one can choose from, this lets you choose the one that fits your needs well. The price of these air fryers is in the mid-range when one considers the price of appliances in general.

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The best price of Black & Decker Air Fryer in Pakistan is Rs. 14,060 and the estimated average price is Rs. 43,275.

Price List

Model Price
Black+Decker Air Fryer Aero Fry AF300 Black/Gold … Rs. 34,000
Black & Decker 4 Liter Manual Air Fryer AerOfry B… Rs. 36,740
Black n Decker AF600 Digital Air Fryer - New Model Rs. 42,490
Black & Decker AF200 Air Fryer With Oficial Warra… Rs. 33,698
Black & Decker Aero Air Fryer, 4.5 Liters, 1500W,… Rs. 52,250
Black & Decker Oven 1.5L Aero Air Fryer, 1500W, A… Rs. 76,000
Black + Decker 14.5L Air Fryer Oven BXEO-2002A Rs. 48,999
Black & Decker Grand Digital Aero Air Fryer, 5.8 … Rs. 72,675
Black & Decker Manual Control AeroFry AF350-B5 Rs. 50,000
Black & Deck AF200 Air Fryer Rs. 88,258
Black&Decker Air Compressor CP2525 Rs. 111,516