Black & Decker Air Humidifier Price in Pakistan

Compare 3 prices from 2 stores. The best price of Black & Decker Air Humidifier in Pakistan is Rs. 19,500 and the estimated average price is Rs. 46,833.


In seasons that get dry having an air humidifier can help maintain the atmosphere of your indoor spaces. Black & Decker also produces various options for air humidifiers one could choose from. The prices are towards a lower mid-range.


Black & Decker is a brand of renown, they have a lot of electronics, tools and appliances. The brand also has air humidifiers that help keep the atmosphere indoors more balanced.

A Black & Decker air humidifier would be especially useful in the winter months when it is drier. The dryness can be harmful to one's skin and eyes, aggravating any conditions. As the natural atmosphere has a certain degree of humidity which makes breathing easier; an air humidifier can also ease breathing for people who have respiratory issues.

There are different models between which the size varies and some models also have a tray for essential oils so you get a refreshing scent in your space. Essential oils can be used as aromatherapy.

The price of Black & Decker air humidifiers is in a lower mid-range, making them relatively affordable.

Price List

Model Price
Black & Decker Air Humidifier HM5000 Rs. 19,500
Air Humidifier Black (Beurer LB 88) 1s Rs. 21,000
Air Dehumidifiers (Beurer LE 60) 1s Rs. 100,000
Hassan Gilani
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Compare 3 prices from 2 stores.

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Rs. 19500 - Rs. 100000