Bleach Cream Price in Pakistan

The best price of Bleach Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 20 and estimated average price is Rs. 381.


The tradition of whitening skin has been practised for centuries as fair skin is considered the ultimate standard of beauty. These skin lightening products are usually sold as bleaching creams, whitening creams, skin brightener and whitening face wash formulas.


Bleaching Ingredients  

Those who choose to use these creams should be aware that they contain Hydroquinone, Cysteamine, Topical Retinoids, Botanicals, Topical Corticosteroids and Mercury that are chemical-based agents that can cause various side effects on certain skin types. The reason they work so well to lighten the skin is that they reduce the concentration or production of a pigment in the skin called melanin. As people with darker skin have a higher melanin percentage it works rapidly to make their skin fair. Melanin strength depends on hormones, exposure to sunlight, and using certain chemicals can increase melanin production.

Benefits of Bleaching Creams 

Females and males use skin bleaching treatments as both genders desire fair skin. There are certain cases where the cream helps reduce and flatten acne scars that result in clearer smoother skin. An even skin tone requires the removal of any dark spots, damage due to sun and pollution, melasma, freckles, wrinkles and ageing or hormonal imbalance can leave the skin looking dull. In some cases, even post-inflammatory marks caused by eczema and psoriasis can be treated with a bleaching cream skin routine. 

Directions & Instructions

The cream can be applied to dry skin after washing face, feet and hands. Some users also use bleaching creams on their arms and legs. It is important that the hands be clean when applying the cream or use a cotton pad to avoid skin to skin contact. The important instruction is to avoid getting the cream in your eyes and avoid the area around the eyes, nose, and mouth. If planning to go out afterwards remember to use a strong sunscreen to prevent skin damage from UV exposure and harsh direct sunlight. After applying the cream wash your hands thoroughly and try to avoid skin to skin contact with anyone for a few hours. It is recommended to do this skin routine at night as to give the rest ample time to rest and avoid any unnecessary damage.   

Warning & Tips

Skin bleaching agents have corticosteroids that can cause steroid acne in some adverse reactions. Because of the high content of mercury, some creams also result in skin toxicity. Mercury has been banned as an ingredient in many countries because of its negative effects on the body. 

Price List

Model Price
City Girl Whitening Bleach Cream With Whitening C… Rs. 69
Credo Cherry Bleach Cream With Free Whitening Ser… Rs. 49
Credo Cherry Bleach Cream With Free Whitening Ser… Rs. 49
Pick Up Your Favourite Facial Bleach Cream - 500g… Rs. 345
Jessica Ice Bleach Cream & Activator 80g - Studen… Rs. 440
Jolen Original Cream Bleach Rs. 530
Olivia Peach Bleach Cream Sachet Rs. 20
Lolane Whita Care Cream Bleach 125g Rs. 775
Glamorous Face Perfect Glow Diamond Bleach Cream,… Rs. 209
Parley Bleach Cream 20g Rs. 35
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