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Compare 40 prices from 4 stores.

Compare 40 prices from 4 stores.

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Rs. 6800 - Rs. 32000


The National Health Survey of Pakistan estimates that hypertension affects 18% of adults and 33% of adults above 45 years old. This makes the use of blood pressure monitors at home essential for a large portion of the population. Traditionally, manual methods were used to measure blood pressure which included tying a cuff above the bend of the patient's elbow and inflating it with a pump (bulb) to restrict blood flow in the arm. A stethoscope was then used to hear the pulse and read the pressure gauge whilst deflating the cuff to take blood pressure readings. Newer digital blood pressure monitors take readings automatically, displaying them on a screen which makes them more convenient to use on a frequent basis. Compare blood pressure monitor prices in Pakistan from popular brands such as Certeza, Omron, Beurer and Citizen and find the right monitor at the right price for your needs.
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The best price of Blood Pressure Monitors in Pakistan is Rs. 6,800 and the estimated average price is Rs. 13,635.

Price List

Model Price
Citizen Blood Pressure Monitor CHUG330 Rs. 9,500
Citizen Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, CHU304 Rs. 6,800
Sencor Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (SBP 690) Rs. 9,299
Beurer Blood Pressure Monitor, BM-58 Rs. 15,000
Omron Blood Pressure Monitor, M3 Comfort Rs. 25,500
Citizen Digital Blood Pressure Monitor CHU 304 Rs. 6,800
Ch 657 - Digital Blood Pressure Monitor - White -… Rs. 10,000
Ch 456 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor White Citiz… Rs. 12,200
Yuwell Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Bp Meter … Rs. 9,500