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Compare 2,027 prices from 57 stores.

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Rs. 31700 - Rs. 1419000


The wired Bloody A70 mouse sets itself apart by offering unmatched speed, precision and customization. Its revolutionary Light Strike switches, hyper-speed scroll wheel and advanced software provide gamers with a competitive edge and the confidence to dominate in any game.


Bloody is a line owned by A4 Tech that produces gaming accessories, including a wide range of mouse options. Bloody A70 empowers gamers with the tools and speed they need to dominate their competition and achieve true gaming mastery.

0.2ms Response Time

The A70 provides a swift 0.2ms response time, surpassing conventional mechanical switches. This rapidity proves invaluable in fast-paced gaming scenarios, ensuring quick and precise reactions to gain a competitive edge.

1000 Lines Per Second

Bloody A70 delivers unmatched speed and precision as you navigate menus, select weapons, and explore in-game environments at a remarkable rate of 1000 lines per second.

Smooth & Quick

The  A70 has Armor Boot, a feature that makes sure you have a nearly non-existent level of friction as you move your mouse around allowing for very smooth and quick response times.

Zero Bounce

One does not face any double-click issues as there is zero bounce. The main buttons are super fast in response as they are light switches, as is the wheel. The wheel has a much longer life due to being infrared-based. 


The highest resolution is at 6200 CPI and one can switch down if they need to, helping you optimize the mouse for your feel.

High-Quality Materials

Bloody A70 is built with premium materials for long-lasting durability and reliability. The sculpted design fits perfectly in your hand, providing optimal comfort and support during extended gaming sessions.

The textured surfaces enhance grip and control, ensuring your mouse stays firmly in your hand during intense gameplay.


Customizations include 6 sniping modes that one can execute and 3 shooting modes set into the three buttons just behind the wheel 

All this makes the Bloody A70 a great choice for gamers and can also be used by multiple especially due to the ambidextrous design.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual gamer, the A70 is a worthy investment that will elevate your gaming experience to new heights.


Memory 160K
Acceleration 20 g~23 g
Frame Speed 6,666 fps
Max. Resolution 6,200 CPI
Key Response Less 0.2 ms
Infrared-Wheel Over 1 Million Scrolls
Tracking Speed 60~160 inches/sec(ips)
Image Processing 2.41 Mega pixels/sec
Metal X' Glide Armor Boot Over 300 Kms
Infrared-Micro-Switch Over 20 million clicks
Report Rate 125~1000 Hz
Type Wired
Button Numbers 8
Net Weight 150 g (w/ cable), 113 g (w/o cable)
Cable Length 1.8 M
Sensor Optical Engine
Connector USB(2.0/ 3.0)
System Requirements Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8 /8.1 / 10 or later
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