Blue Sapphire Stone

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Compare 24 prices from 6 stores.

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Rs. 999 - Rs. 143199


Blue sapphire stones are beautiful gemstones that are among the most expensive stones one can buy. The more common colour is the blue variety and is the most expensive type as well, despite there being more rare colours. A stone often worn by kings of the old age for its many believed qualities in culture. The price of a blue sapphire stone depends on its size and quality. An expensive stone in almost any size if the quality is of a higher grade.


Blue Sapphire 

A stone that belongs to the family of cardinal gems, blue sapphire is a precious gem. Generally, a sapphire stone is blue in colour, varying in intensity based on the quality, but there are also other colours such as yellow, purple, orange, and green. There are other more rare kinds that have mixed colours, still, the blue sapphire is the most expensive and coveted.

The 'velvet' blue is the sought after colour. The price of a blue sapphire stone is based on colour, clarity, size, cut, and overall quality. Untreated sapphires are worth more than treated stones. The treatments are methods to make stones clearer than they originally are and these practices are in the grey ethically. Treated sapphires are supposed to be marked as such, but this is not always the case so one should be careful before purchase.

Some of the best sapphire stones are found in Kashmir. Burma, Sri Lanka and Madagascar produce large quantities of this stone. 

Why people wear sapphires

Aside from wearing it for the beauty factor that is the case with most stones, blue sapphire stones are known for inducing improved mental clarity, reducing confusion, thus giving one better decision-making abilities. People also believe it helps metabolism.

A stone that is also associated with the third eye and is thought to help open the third eye up more, improving one's insight and intuition. This is also why it is sometimes referred to as the wisdom stone. Some of the perceived qualities of the stone are of course due to its colour, the celestial blue in ancient times was connected with hope and faith.

There are also cultural beliefs that people should not wear a cracked stone or wear it if it does not suit you, as it can possibly bring one bad luck in either of those cases. Generally, sapphires are considered 'heavy' stones, which basically signifies it is a powerful gem.


Blue sapphire stones are among the most expensive gemstones one can purchase. The size and characteristics that rate the quality affect the price. The larger and better it is in terms of colour, clarity, cut etc. the more costs.

Most people who purchase sapphires look for certifications from American Gemological Laboratories (AGL), Gem Research Swisslab (GRS), GIA, Gübelin, Lotus Gemology or SSEF. This is important as there are a lot of fake stones and treated stones as well.

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The best price of Blue Sapphire Stone in Pakistan is Rs. 999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 11,578.

Price List

Model Price
Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire Women Engagement Ri… Rs. 10,131.01
Real Blue Saphire Gemstone Srilankan 06 Carat Rs. 1,499
Peora Created Blue Sapphire Women Ring 925 Sterli… Rs. 8,193.59
Blue Stone Designer Cufflink (CUFFLINK-534) Rs. 999
Peora Created Blue Sapphire Women Ring 925 Sterli… Rs. 8,180.80
Man s Silver Ring with Natural Blue Sapphire Rs. 12,500
Sapphire Stone HB-149 Rs. 6,500
Peora Created Blue Sapphire Women Ring Rs. 8,182
Elegant Blue Stone Earrings By Rijas Infinity (10… Rs. 7,520
Blue Copper Turquoise Ring - Blue Copper 10 Mm Ro… Rs. 6,999
Swiss Cubic Zircon Elegant Blue Ring Rs. 1,499
Blue Heart Diamond Platinum Ring Rs. 1,699
Sapphire Stone HB-148 Rs. 4,050