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Compare 233 prices from 33 stores.

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If you enjoy listening to music around the house but don't want your phone or laptop to be attached to wires a Bluetooth speaker will make your life easy. Available in all kinds of sizes, shapes and colours. With batteries so even the speaker itself is portable. The size of your speaker affects how loud it would be and more importantly how much bass it will produce. The quality of audio and build varies between brands, with the more expensive ones being more solid and sounding better.

Pros & Cons


  • Portable

  • No wires


  • Range can be limited


Why Bluetooth speakers are useful

Bluetooth changed how we use technology giving us the ability to be mobile and bereft of wires hounding our personal space. One of the most common applications is in speakers that are portable and connected to our media playing devices while we go about doing our own things. The range although limited keeps getting better as newer chipsets are being developed and the firmware is also being improved upon. A great convenience for most situations and giving you the freedom to change a song from your pocket while you move around the house, campsite or any other space you can imagine.

Size & sound quality

These Bluetooth speakers are available in sizes that range from the size of your fist to something the size of a small suitcase. With time the quality of sound has improved as well with better-balanced sound and great bass coming out of smaller devices, the lack of bass used to be a regular complaint from audiophiles. This of course is also a matter of what quality you are spending on some of the brands that aren't that well built will not sound as good as a speaker that comes from a brand that has been producing great sound equipment from before the time of these portable units. The batteries on these can last from a couple of hours up to 9 hours and more. All this depends on what size it is and what make, as there are much cheaper brands from only a few thousand with some being up to a few hundred thousand rupees. Along that scale the quality of batteries is affected as well as how good the speaker sounds. Also placing a Bluetooth speaker on the ground or by a wall will give you a warmer more full sound; the ground and wall allow it to bounce sound off them.


The shapes are endless from basic cubes to circular pods to things that look like they belong in a science-fiction world. With just about as many colours. You could think of any colour and find something in that shade if you looked around enough. The more known and better brands as far as sound quality, design and build goes include Bang & Olufsen, Harmon Kardon, JBL, Beats by Dre, Monster Audio, Sony, Altec Lansing, Marshall, Soundcore, Reykyavik, UE Boom, Bowers & Wilkins and BOSE to name only a few! Between all these, you are bound to find something of good quality and it is probably better to buy something a little smaller from these brands than something larger from another make in that money. The sound these brands have achieved will be better despite a slightly smaller size.

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The best price of Bluetooth Speakers in Pakistan is Rs. 5,040 and the estimated average price is Rs. 39,435.

Price List

Model Price
FASTER Rainbow 4s Portable Wireless Speaker 10w -… Rs. 5,499
FASTER Rainbow 7 Powerful Bass Wireless Speaker W… Rs. 6,999
FASTER G2000 RGB Lighting Dual Gaming Wireless Sp… Rs. 5,199
Faster 40W Wireless Stereo Sound Dual Speaker - S… Rs. 8,499
FASTER XB6000 2.1CH Wired Bluetooth SoundBar with… Rs. 24,999
FASTER XB3000 2.0CH Bluetooth SoundBar 30w with O… Rs. 16,499
Mi Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 9,500
Audionic MH-801 Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 9,599
aCOUSTIC - Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 29,950