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Compare 50 prices from 15 stores.

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A special kind of moisturizer, body butters are designed to give intense hydration and moisturization to extremely dry areas of your body. It is one of the best ways to keep your skin soft and supple during the harsh cold winters in Pakistan. Check body butter prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


They are a combination of oils and butters and sometimes beeswax is added to stabilize the product. The oils used could be almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, safflower oil etc and commonly used butters are shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter. We have a wide collection of effective and super hydrating body butters from The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works, Nivea, Clinique, CoNatural, Tree Hut etc.

Body Lotion Vs Body Moisturizer Vs Body Butter

Often times people confuse these products to be similar. Though they offer the same main purpose that is to keep your skin moisturized, they differ in intensity and level of hydration. While people with normal to combination skin can use body lotions and moisturizers, those with dry to very dry skin will benefit more from body butter as they contain more oils than lotions or creams. 

Deep & Intense Hydration

Dry skin and hair is a common problem these days. Eating the right food can help tackle this issue as well as topical treatments like body hydrating butters. They are designed to penetrate rough and dry areas of the body and keep them moisturized for long. Normal skin dryness can be tackled with the use of regular moisturizers. Body butters are great for rough and chapped areas that need special attention like the elbows, ankles, knees, soles of the feet etc. 

Anti Ageing

Body butter is loaded with antioxidants like vitamin A, C and E. They are a great remedy for skin that has started losing elasticity and is showing mild signs of ageing. Using it all over the body enhances the beauty of your skin as well as prevent free radicals from damaging your skin's youthfulness. Applying it regularly to the body results in smooth and rejuvenated skin, that looks and feels young.

Protective Barrier

The butter creates a protective barrier around the skin that guards it against free radicals. It also seals in the moisture, preventing loss of hydration when the body sweats or comes in contact with water. 

Soothes Skin

Multiple skin conditions like rashes, sunburn, dry and flaky skin, itching and eczema etc cause the skin to get red, inflamed and irritated. Applying body butter to the body soothes the skin, bringing instant relief as well as bringing down the inflammation. 

Tips & Comments

There is no harm in using body butter on your face, provided it doesn't cause any irritation or breakouts. Those with acne should avoid using this on your face as it can be a bit overwhelming for that type of skin. The best time to apply butter to your body is right after stepping out of the shower. It is that time when your skin is the most receptive and can absorb the nutrients present in the body butter. It also locks in moisture more effectively at that time. If needed, you can reapply the product several times a day to rough and dry spots of the body to heal them. While they are great moisturizers for the winter season, avoid using them during summers. Lighter options like lotions and moisturizers are good enough as the body's skin produces enough oils during summer.

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The best price of Body Butter in Pakistan is Rs. 1,220 and the estimated average price is Rs. 3,377.

Price List

Model Price
Ultra Body Butter Rs. 1,765
CocoaMazing - 2in1 Face & Body Cream with Cocoa B… Rs. 1,220
Conatural Ultra Body Butter 300ml Rs. 1,765
Conatural Ultra Body Butter (135g) Rs. 1,765
BBW Champagne Toast Body Butter 185g Rs. 3,550
The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter 50ml Rs. 2,410
The Body Shop Avocado Body Butter 200ml Rs. 5,590
The Body Shop Shea Body Butter 50ml Rs. 2,410
IORA Whipped Body Butter 60g Rs. 1,550
Victoria Secret Pink Honey Butter Body Butter 189g Rs. 4,995