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Compare 402 prices from 17 stores.

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Bodysprays or mists are great and affordable everyday fragrances. Most popular but high-end body sprays in Pakistan for men are Guy Laroche’s Drakkar Noir, Tom Ford ‘Oud Wood’ All Over Body Spray, Dior ‘Sauvage’ Men’s Body Spray and Hermes ‘Voyage d’Hermes’ Natural. Read on for budget-friendly yet great smelling everyday body sprays for men in Pakistan.


Here are some of the most affordable and widely used brands and products in Pakistan when it comes to gents' body sprays.

1. AXE Body Spray

Some of the best AXE body sprays for gents are Dark Temptation, Anarchy and Apollo. Axe is a sub-band of Unilever that is a British-Dutch company. Axe has a number of male grooming products and body sprays to offer that are considered long-lasting and strong-smelling. These body sprays are economically priced and are also quite popular amongst the young Pakistani lot. 

2. Fogg Body Spray

For men, the best Fogg body sprays are lingering and rich fragrances called Intensio, Xpressio, Bleu Skies and Majestic. A widely used Indian perfume brand Fogg Perfumes is the brainchild of the famous Indian entrepreneur Darshan Patel. He also owns the immensely popular Vini Cosmetics and Paras Pharmaceuticals. All perfumes by Fogg have a rich sillage and are long-lasting. The brand dermatologically tests all its products to assure quality and safety and also claims that there are no side effects to any of the contents used in its products.

3. Polo Body Sprays

The Polo perfume and body sprays by Ralph Lauren have been in the perfume world for decades. It comes in multiple variants called Polo Blue, Polo Red, Polo Black and Polo Red Intense. The Blue is one of the most popular variants in Pakistan and it contains notes of melon, sliced cucumber, sage, basil, amber wood and sheer musk. The fragrance makes for a nice manly fragrance and comes in a 6 oz bright blue bottle. It has an emblem of a polo-playing man's silhouette. 

4. Dunhill Desire Body Sprays for Men

Dunhill Desire is one of the most successful collection by the brand that was launched in 2000 with the first perfume in the line called "Desire Red". The brand later added multiple other variants to the collection including Desire Blue, Desire Black, Desire Silver, Desire Extreme and Desire Blue Ocean. The body sprays are known to have strong but pleasant scents with a great sillage. They are also available in high-end EDPs and EDTs. 

5. Lomani Sprays

Lomani is a French perfume house that has been in the business for decades. Do It! is one of the best selling body sprays for men by Lomani and is quite affordable. It has a mild and calming fragrance that stays on for some time without being too overpowering. The perfume contains top notes of bergamot, lemon, galbanum, coriander and juniper with centres of lavender, nutmeg, violet, geranium, carnation and a dry down of sandalwood, orris root, patchouli, amber, musk and oakmoss.

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The best price of Body Spray For Men in Pakistan is Rs. 259 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,006.

Price List

Model Price
Intensity Deodorant Body Spray - Men Rs. 470
Explore Fresh Body Spray - Men Rs. 335
IMPETUS Deodorant Body Spray for Men Rs. 470
Aqua Cool Perfume Body Spray for Men Rs. 470
FAW Dynamo Body Spray for Men 200ml Rs. 485
DYNAMIC HEAT Deodorant Body Spray - Men Rs. 470
WB Black Panther Body Spray For Men 200ml Rs. 500
FAW Black Jaguar Body Spray for Men 200ml Rs. 485
SQUAD Quetta Black Edition - Deodorant Body Spray… Rs. 350