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Compare 12 prices from 3 stores. The best price of Body Weight Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 2,545 and the estimated average price is Rs. 7,536.


For regular weight check and maintaining a healthy weight, one needs to have a weighing machine at home. Weight machines have been around for decades and are now available in both analog and digital variety. Check out body weight machine prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Analog Vs Digital

Analog is still the preferred type of weighing machine as it is affordable, low maintenance and does not need battery replacement. They also show up to 150 Kgs of weight before going back to zero. The digital variety however is easier to read as it comes with an illuminated LCD. It also is more accurate as it can pick the slightest fluctuations in weight and display them in KG, Lbs and Stones. Some digital weight machines can weigh up to 400 pounds and can also be used for measuring the weight of heavy objects such as luggage.

Designs & Materials

You can buy body weight machines in plastic, stainless steel or unbreakable thick tempered glass materials. They need to be placed on a flat, hard and even surface for getting an accurate reading. Most people prefer placing them in the bathroom as normally they have hard floors including hardwood, ceramic, concrete or porcelain tile and the rest of the house has either wall to wall carpeting or softer flooring vinyl and linoleum.

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Price List

Model Price
Weight Scale Digital Body Weight Machine Lens Wit… Rs. 2,545
Weight Scale Digital Body Weight Machine Vinyl Ma… Rs. 2,649
Certeza Gs 815 - Digital Body Weight Glass Scale … Rs. 3,000
Weight Scale Digital Body Weight Machine Glass Pl… Rs. 3,149
Camry Digital Body Weight Glass Scale - Weight Ma… Rs. 3,150
Weight Scale Digital Body Weight Machine Scale Le… Rs. 3,249
Home Gym Fitness Diy Cable Machine Pulley Arm Mus… Rs. 3,999
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Compare 12 prices from 3 stores.

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