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Known as the king of porcelain, bone china dinner sets are amongst the most popular dinnerware materials all over the world. It is also recognized as the only high-grade porcelain. Bone china is expensive, looks sophisticated and fragile yet is durable but not really suitable for everyday use. It is also free of cadmium, lead and other harmful chemicals that leech into the food on your plate, making it the safest materials for tableware. Want to know what real bone china looks like? Read ahead and check out bone china dinner set prices in Pakistan on this page and the best brands you can find in the country. Don't skip the tips section where we tell you how to take care of your bone china dinnerware and what to look for while buying.


Most people prefer bone china crockery for formal occasions and rarely use them every day because of the high maintenance required. Bone china dinnerware is chip-resistant and doesn't fade out if taken good care of. The variety that comes with metal ornamentation is the most sought after in Pakistan and is considered amongst the best dinnerware for formal settings.

Best Bone China Dinner Set Brands in Pakistan

There are some brands that manufacture top quality and luxurious bone china dinnerware such as Corelle, Noritake, Farosh and Royal Albert. High-end brands include Wedgwood & Bentley, Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica, Versace and Dansk Ingram.

Real Vs Fake Bone China Dinnerware

A type of porcelain, Bona china is translucent as it is made out of real bones. It uses 50% cow bone ash mixed with 25% Cornish stone and 25% kaolin to create unique hues and patterns. Some mixtures also use some percentage of feldspar and quartz. If you want to check the authenticity of bone china, hold it up to a light and if you can see objects through it, chances are that it is real.

Otherwise, it is just porcelain or any other similar looking cheaper ceramic materials. Also, pure porcelain or fine china tends to be brighter-looking while bone china has a warmer appearance. Bone china is also lighter and thinner than fine china or porcelain.

Buying Bone China Dinner Set

Different regions have their own standard of bone ash content in bone china dinnerware. Anything above 25% is good but a bone ash content above 40% is considered premium quality. The industrial city of Tangshan is renowned for making the most luxurious and premium type of bone china crockery as the minimum amount of bone ash content in their dinnerware is 40%. So higher the bone ash content, more elegant and premium looking the dinnerware will be.

While buying bone china dinner set, make sure to read the brand's portfolio and how they make their bone china crockery. Look for white dinnerware with metal accents as it is excellent for formal meals and festive occasions. Colourful bone china in unique shapes is a good way to entertain guests in an informal setting. 

Tips & Suggestions

Bone China in its purest form is not really suitable for microwave and dishwashers. If the seller claims them to be dishwasher and microwave safe, it is still best to avoid them since bone china can deteriorate every time you run it through these machines. Washing your bone china dinnerware with warm water and a mild dishwashing soap is a great way to take care of your expensive crockery.  

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The best price of Bone China Dinner Set in Pakistan is Rs. 60,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 60,000.

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