Bone Conduction Headphones

Compare 2 prices from 1 stores.

Compare 2 prices from 1 stores.


Rs. 21499 - Rs. 52399


An older technology that is being used commercially now, bone conduction headphones transmit the sound through one's jawbone to the inner ear. This leaves ones ear canal unoccupied letting them listen to their surrounds easily, which is useful if you are out for a run. Being able to hear cars lets one be careful and could save one from injury. Various brands produce bone conduction headphones, the prices vary from the mid to top end.


Bone Conduction Headphones

All sound is vibration, bone conduction headphones make use of this and transmit sound into to your ear through the top of your jawbone to your inner ear. When it comes to sound quality in comparison to regular headphones, the bone conduction headphones are not yet at the same level. Regular headphones would more often sound better in comparison.

The major advantage of bone conduction headphones is that if one is out for a jog or cycling they can easily hear the outside world as the ear canal is free. This makes it easier to hear vehicles approaching. On the other hand, regular headphones are all about creating your own personal space with sound.

Although modern headphones such as the Apple AirPods also have the option to mix in outside sound for a similar purpose. A lot of people worry about not being able to hear the outside world.

Bone conduction headphones are generally resistant to water making it easier for them to be used while working out. There are also bone conduction headphones built into sunglasses, with the technology tucked into the arms; making for a convenient two in one product.


One of the more common brands for bone conduction headphones is AfterShokz. The price of bone conduction headphones depends on the brand, but anything decent starts at the mid-range and better options are toward a higher range.

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The best price of Bone Conduction Headphones in Pakistan is Rs. 21,499 and the estimated average price is Rs. 36,949.

Price List

Model Price
SHOKZ OpenMove Bone Conduction Open-Ear Headphone… Rs. 21,499
Shokz OpenRun Pro Premium Bone Conduction Open-Ea… Rs. 52,399