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Compare 2,857 prices from 98 stores.

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Bonus Active is a laundry detergent from the Colgate Palmolive brand. It distinguishes itself in the detergent market by offering a unique combination of effective cleaning, colour preservation and a pleasant fragrance at an attractive price point. all without compromising on fabric care. This combination makes it a wise choice for those seeking vibrant clothes and a fresh laundry experience without exceeding their budget.


Superior Stain Removal

Bonus Active is curated with a powerful blend of enzymes and surfactants to effectively tackle tough stains like grease, dirt and grime.

Concentrated Cleaning Agents

The detergent contains red and blue speckles that are concentrated cleaning agents. They enhance stain removal, ensuring whites and colours remain vibrant.

The concentrated cleaning agents also help save the detergent as one needs only a small amount per cycle.

Colour Lock Technology

Unlike harsh detergents, Bonus Active's formula gently cleans clothes while preserving their original colours. It cares for clothes, with a gentle formula suitable for delicates and free from harsh chemicals.

Long Lasting Freshness

The pleasant fragrance, infused with long-lasting technology, keeps clothes smelling fresh and clean even days after laundry.

Multiple Options

Available in powder and liquid formats, Bonus Active caters to preferences, providing convenient cleaning. Choose from scents like Sunrise Fresh, Floral Bliss and Active Cool to personalize your laundry experience.


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