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Compare 423 prices from 8 stores.

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Rs. 31840 - Rs. 1919855


A well-reputed brand that produces many different electronic devices. The Bosch range includes items for the car aftermarket, power tools, household appliances etc. The quality of Bosch products is top-notch and the prices are high as well.


Bosch the brand

A German multinational brand that is part of the engineering and technology sector. Formed by Robert Bosch in 1888 in Stuttgart, today 92% of Bosch is owned by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, a charity organisation. Robert Bosch Stiftung is one of the foremost such foundations in Europe.

The spark plug was introduced by Bosch to the world, it changed the way cars functioned. Modern headlights are another innovation by Bosch that changed how we use cars. Other game changers from Bosch include fuel injection, traction control and electronic stability control.

Bosch in Pakistan

Bosch has an official presence in the Pakistani market. They sell their aftermarket car accessories, heating & hot water solutions and power tools. The car parts include spark plugs, lights, filters and more.

The power tool range from Bosch includes drills, electronic screwdrivers, sanders, impact wrenches, table saws and a lot of other such items. 

Aside from that one can also find some items that are brought to the market outside of official deals. These include devices such as dishwashers, washing machines, outdoor security cameras, ovens, pressure car washers, vacuums, smoke detectors, communications solutions and more.


Bosch also does work for industries, developing drive and control technologies. The brand is the parent of Dynacord and Electro-Voice; both well-known speaker brands.

The price of Bosch devices is high, this is due to the build quality. The brand is known for top tear quality and attention to detail for all their products.

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The best price of Bosch in Pakistan is Rs. 31,840 and the estimated average price is Rs. 195,517.

Price List

Model Price
Bosch Telescopic Pole BT 350 Rs. 143,715
Bosch BT 350 Telescopic Pole Rs. 105,130
Bosch GHO 6500 Planer Rs. 52,490
Bosch STARTER SET AL 1860 Rs. 93,500
Bosch No-frost Refrigerator 420L Silver KDN56XL30M Rs. 380,000
Bosch Measuring Rod GR 500 Rs. 40,535
Bosch BT 160 Building Tripod Rs. 33,500
Bosch Dishwasher SMS50E92GC Rs. 205,000
Bosch Dishwasher SMS46DI00M Rs. 225,000
Bosch STARTER SET GAL1880 6.0Ah Rs. 121,000
Bosch Diamond Cutting 300mm 2.608.615.033 Rs. 36,260
Bosch GST 700 Jig Saw Rs. 41,760
Bosch Diamond Cutting 350mm 2.608.615.035 Rs. 51,295