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Compare 9,636 prices from 149 stores.

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Bosch dome cameras are a great way to have video surveillance on your property. The shape makes keeps them safe from the weather. There are a lot of useful features such as night vision, crowd detection, line crossing and others; depending on the specific model. The price of Bosch dome cameras is high as they are from a reputable brand with quality products.


Bosch is a brand that has built a reputation over many decades and has created some of the technologies that are common today, especially in the car market. Aside from this the brand also has a wide range of other products, this includes power tools, home appliances, car washers, smoke detectors, communications solutions, security cameras and more.

Bosch dome camera

In the security camera range, Bosch also has dome cameras. These are called so due to their dome-like shape; the camera is safe inside a dome so it cannot be tampered with easily and also is weatherproof. Dome cameras can be installed indoors or outdoors as well.

The features vary from model to model. One can get night vision, monochrome, colour, crowd detection, motion detection, line crossing, varifocal lenses, digital noise reduction, privacy masking and casting over the internet. The quality of video is very good with Bosch this way you get a clear shot of whatever space you are monitoring.

You can pan and tilt in a lot of directions, getting more are covered under your camera.


The Bosch range of dome cameras are expensive, this is due to their quality of their video and features that make this possible. Build-wise as well, Bosch products are known to be made with high-quality materials, making for a long-lasting device.

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TruVision IP 1.3MP Dome Camera (TVD-M1210V-2N) Rs. 59,999
TruVision PTZ 1.4MP Dome Camera (TVP-2104) Rs. 112,550
Wireless IP Camera Outdoor Speed Dome 1080P HD Rs. 11,245
Bosch MicroBox 2000 VGA Indoor IP Camera with 2.5… Rs. 42,050
Hikvision Ip 2mp Fixed Turret Dome Wide Angle Net… Rs. 10,800
Aputure Light Dome II (34.8″) Rs. 58,000
Rapoo C260 USB Full HD Webcam Rs. 87,999
Logitech SmartDock Rs. 70,000
Google Nest Cam Indoor Wired Security Camera (2nd… Rs. 36,929
RAPOO C270L Full HD 1080p Webcam Rs. 8,999