Bosch Drill Machine Price in Pakistan

Compare 62 prices from 3 stores. The best price of Bosch Drill Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 22,910 and the estimated average price is Rs. 118,370.


Bosch is a reputable brand that produces many parts for cars and also makes power tools, which includes drill machines. Bosch drill machines come in different sizes and also have various power ratings. The prices range from the mid to the top end. One can choose the right one depending on what their needs and budget are.


A German brand known as a leader in electronic engineering, Bosch has a lot of products in the market and also produces parts for high-end car brands. Aside from that, the brand produces power tools as well, including drill machines. 

Bosch drill machines

Among the various tools, Bosch has high-quality drill machines too. Their drill machines feature on some of the top-10 lists for drills.

There a few different sizes one can choose from depending on their needs. Some are smaller and would be a useful tool to have around the house, while others are larger more powerful versions. The latter are often used by professional electricians and carpenters.

Bosch drill machines come with various accessories, such as bits of different sizes so one can make use of the one they need for the specific task in hand.

Boshc also makes drills that are battery-powered, making for handy usage and also the lack of a cable makes them easier to operate. These, however, are not as powerful as corded drill machines.


There are Bosch drill machines with various power ratings, one can choose based on how powerful a tool they need. This depends on what your regular usage will be.

One needs to careful while operating a drill machine as it is a power tool and has the potential to cause injury if not used properly.

The price of a Bosch drill machine can be from the mid ranges to a higher range if it is a larger variant.

Price List

Model Price
Bosch GBM 1000 Drill Machine Rs. 22,910
Bosch Drill Bits SDS MAX-7 24X520 2.608.586.776 Rs. 23,100
Black&Decker Electric drill KR753K Rs. 23,144
INGCO HSS Drill Bit Set – AKD1251 Rs. 23,424
Crown Drill Machine CT10010 Rs. 23,530
Bosch Rotary Drill Professional GBM 1000 Rs. 23,650
Crown Drill Machine CT21003 Rs. 24,000
Crown Drill Machine CT10016 Rs. 24,000
Stanley STHR263K Drill Machine SDS+ Rs. 24,060
Dongcheng DCJZ09-10 Cordless Drive Drill Rs. 24,130
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Compare 62 prices from 3 stores.

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