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Bose has a very diversified range of speakers and headphones; for different settings and purposes. The quality is top-notch as is the design. The sound Bose produces is well enjoyed by the consumer market. Bose speakers are available at higher price points.


Bose Corporation

A brand that is well known in the audio arena, not as prefered by audiophiles but a hit with the regular consumer. Started by Amar Bose, in 1964 in Framingham, Massachusetts. The idea behind Bose came about after the founder bought a HiFi sound system but was not satisfied with the sound quality despite its higher price.

Amar Bose believed that the technical specifications we rely on are not what matter but instead the subjective customer experience is what defines "good sound". This is also why the brand does not publish the specifications of their products.

Bose produces various audio solutions, including speakers, home audio systems and various headphones.

The Bose Speaker Range

The range of speakers from Bose is complete, starting at portable Bluetooth speakers all the way to outdoor speakers. The portable Bluetooth speakers are known by the SoundLink name. These have a few options which are of different sizes, one can choose something based on what their need is. Almost all of these are splash resistant, with a smaller one that is actually waterproof.

Bose has the home smart speaker segment covered as well. There are two lines, one is called the Smart Home Family and the other is known as Smart Touch Family. The essential difference is in design, the functionality for both is similar. Within their own labels, they are able to wirelessly daisy-chain, this lets one play the same song in multiple rooms. A useful feature for setting an overall ambience. The slight difference is that the Smart Home Family also includes some of the soundbars from Bose.

Soundbars are a design that is made to improve on TV speakers. As TVs get slimmer the speakers become more compact and that makes them lose some power and thump. A soundbar is a single body device that is in an elongated shape. It can be set under the TV and once connected gives more oomph to the listening experience. These can connect using an auxiliary cable and Bluetooth. 

If a soundbar is too little audio power for you, Bose also has a variety of home theatre systems. These come with multiple speakers and a subwoofer. The speakers can be placed around one's room or TV lounge for a true surround sound experience. The main console can be set beneath the TV and has multiple options for connectivity.

The Bose speakers from the Wave line are singular consoles which have various connectivity options including WiFi, Bluetooth, FM and auxiliary. This is something that is designed for your side table and comes with a clock. It also features dual alarms for a couple who may have to wake up at different times. Even retaining a CD-ROM so one can play their old CDs. In case one wants to listen to audio privately these have a headphone output too.

Bose has another range of portable speakers that can be used for smaller concerts, or larger ones if you have enough of them. These portable PA systems are powerful and can run off a battery. These can cater to a decent amount of people, depending on the specific one you choose as some are larger than others. Some have been designed as mini line-arrays so they are able to provide a decent amount of sound with a small footprint. The inputs on these include TRS phono, RCA or MIC. Some versions are not battery powered and need to be connected to the power socket.

Aside from this, the other speakers include computer media speakers, speaker systems that need to be installed in a space or bookshelf speakers. This also features outdoor speakers which can handle bad weather.

Bose Headphones

The brand has divided their headphones into 5 categories. The segments are named Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless Headphones, Sports Headphones, Aviation Headsets and Bose Hearphones which are not exactly headphones but we'll get to that.

Noise-cancelling technology is something Bose worked on extensively and were among the pioneers to incorporate into their products. The active noise cancelling is an electronic approach and is not just about the ear cover. The earcups monitor the outside and create a signal to cancel out the noise. These headphones allow the user to tune in to their music and let the outside world fall away, creating a super immersive experience.

The wireless feature has a separate page on the website but that doesn't mean their other categories lack the wireless ability. Based on Bluetooth technology allowing the user to be bereft of any wires in their way. This works really well for personal mobility.

For sports headphones, Bose has earphones and also the true wireless earbuds. All the sports models are water-resistant so sweat does not destroy them. The designs are snug so they fit well and are not dropping out when one is in the middle of their run or workout.

The aviation segment has headphones that allow pilots to communicate more clearly. This is achieved by infusing them with the noise cancellation technology so the sound from the aeroplane does not interfere.

Although the Bose Hearphones are not technically headphones they are a useful device that can also function as headphones. These are essentially designed to help one hear conversation better in loud environments, a very useful device for loud work environments. The app allows users to choose how much of what sound they want to hear or what is a comfortable mix of the noise and the important sounds.

Aside from this

Bose also has a variety of sunglasses that are fitted with audio solutions; with these one is able to listen to audio with an open ear. People around you may not even know you are listening to something. A convenient design as one can hear the outside world as well, so cars or bikes are noticeable in case. 


Bose also has a section that is dedicated to accessories. These include all sorts of cables, stands, cases, wall brackets and remotes. Some speakers come with their own remote and in case one loses it they can purchase another.

The design of Bose products is neat, the brand opts for simple lines to keep the design minimal and perpetually relevant. The colours they are available in are mostly black or white.

As for price, Bose products are expensive. The brand produces quality devices which are priced accordingly.

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The best price of Bose Pakistan in Pakistan is Rs. 16,499 and the estimated average price is Rs. 128,605.

Price List

Model Price
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II Rs. 68,999
Bose QuietComfort 45 Headphones Rs. 84,999
Bose 700 Noise Cancelling Headphones Rs. 94,999
Bose Sport Wireless Earbuds Rs. 43,500
Bose SoundLink Revolve II Bluetooth speaker Rs. 104,999
Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless In-Ear Headphones … Rs. 32,399
Bose Quietcomfort Wireless Noise Cancelling Headp… Rs. 79,399
Bose Soundlink Flex Wireless Speaker (865983-0100… Rs. 44,199
Bose Quietcomfort Ultra Wireless Noise Cancelling… Rs. 149,199
Bose QuietComfort Noise-Canceling True Wireless E… Rs. 58,499
L1 1S Bose System with B2 Bass Module Rs. 495,990
Bose Sunglasses Frames Soprano Audio Rs. 67,399