Boss Air Cooler Ecm5200

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Compare 9,719 prices from 102 stores.

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A small size air cooler by Boss, the ECM 5200 is a simple air cooler that works on solar energy and provides evaporative cooling. It is a low consumption air cooler that is a cross between a ceiling fan and an air conditioner. An affordable way to keep cool during the hot summer months. Check Boss air cooler ECM5200 prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Compact & Economical

The air cooler throws off moist air in dry summer weather and cools off the body through evaporative cooling. This gives a refreshing feeling and instantly lowers the room temperature resulting in a pleasant environment.

It operates on a 12 V DC source and is excellent for small spaces. The plastic body comes in soothing blue and white colours and is anti-rust and corrosion. There are smooth wheels underneath for easy portability of the air cooler. 

Boss Air Cooler ECM5200 Sale

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Model ECM 5200
Watts 72
Voltage 12 V
Water Tank 22liters
Controller Manual
Colour White and Blue
Fan type Propeller Fan
Auto Louver moment YES
Cooling Area (m3/ft3) 70/2472ft
Cooling Medium 3 Side Honey comb
Packing Dimension 505x 350x 775mm
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Boss Air Cooler Ecm- I.b 6500 With Ice Box Rs. 25,950
Boss Air Cooler K.e. Ecm-7000 -ib With Ice Box Rs. 27,950
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BOSS Air Cooler ECM-8000 ICE Box 75-liter Rs. 30,150
Boss Air Cooler ECM-8000 ICE Box 75-liter XL Rs. 32,500
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