Boss Instant Geyser Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Boss Instant Geyser in Pakistan is Rs. 22,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 23,024.


An instant geyser can make heating water super convenient. BOSS is one of the brands that produce instant geysers that are simple to install and can also be installed inside the washroom. The size is compact and an instant geyser can essentially provide an endless supply of hot water. The price is mid-range.


BOSS instant geysers are a quick solution to get hot water in your washroom, the size is generally more ideal for a single washroom. This geyser can also be installed inside the washroom it will be used in. All you need to do is turn the switch on and you start getting hot water.

The electricity used by these kinds of instant geysers is generally high, which is a slight drawback when it comes to electric options. You can set the temperature based on what your comfort or needs are. There is overheating protection, keeping your device safer.

There are various capacity options, with 10, 15 and 25 as the options. This lets you know how many people the geyser could provide water for. With a 10 litre one nearer to two people and increasing to the top end of about 8 people with the 25-litre option.

The BOSS instant geysers are made with materials that allow them to be okay in a humid washroom environment, or even outdoors. The tank is made from enamel-coated steel to keep it cleaner.


The price of BOSS instant geysers is in the mid-range.

Price List

Model Price
Boss KE-SIE-10CL Supreme-Steel Electric Instant G… Rs. 23,549
Boss KE-15CL-Supreme Instant Electric Geyser Rs. 22,500
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