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Bourjois Mega Liner has a unique felt tip that delivers a highly pigmented black colour to create dramatic and bold eye makeup. It is affordable and costs a fraction of the price compared to other premium eyeliners on the market.


The Bourjois Mega Liner can create a variety of makeup looks as the felt tip can be applied as think or thick line depending on how it is held when applying. The angular shape of the felt tip ensures that you have control over the product at all times.

For a thin and sleek look hold the eyeliner at an angle using only the tip to create the line but for a thicker effect press down the full length of the tip on the eyelid like a marker. It is easy to apply as the thick felt tip offers complete control and stability when applying the product. The lightweight formula will not overload the eyes and dries to set in place for hours. Be careful not to smudge the liner with your finger as the formula is liquid and not entirely waterproof.  

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