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The bow tie is a chic and stylish accessory worn by men around their neck under the collar same place as the traditional tie with a formal 3-piece suit. Enjoyed by men of all ages, the bow tie is won by kids as young as 2 years old for their fun colour and sweet design. The bow tie has been around for decades as a way to embellish presents, hair clips and for men, it is worn to festive occasions such as weddings and charity balls.


They are made in a variety of fabrics; cotton, linen and satin depending on their quality and brand. The cotton and linen ties are matt finish and will not reflect light as compared to satin that has a glossy finish. There are textured and printed bow ties also available with polka dots, stars, check and plaid patterns woven into the design. There are hundreds of colours from neutral shades of black, white, gold and silver to bright colourful primary colours of red, yellow, green, purple and so on.


There are essentially three kinds of bow ties available in the market that include pre-tied which helps skip the step of tieing the front of the tie. The clip-on bow tie can simply be attached to the collar or the button of the shirt making it easy and saving time when getting ready. The classic untied bow tie is used by men who have lots of practice and prefer to tie it themselves from scratch, which can be tricky to manage well. 

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