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Compare 20 prices from 4 stores.

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The physical endurance and stamina building that happens using boxing gloves to hit a punching bag or spar with other fighters is quite high. Boxing is considered a professional sport; lots of fitness enthusiasts enjoy working out with boxing gloves as it provides a total body workout and does not hurt the hands.


Quality & Safety 

Boxing gloves must be securely fitted on the hands that allow the hands and wrists to rotate and clench without straining blood circulation. It can not be too tight on the hands as that can cause an injury while boxing. The quality of vinyl or leather materials used to create the boxing gloves must be durable and long-lasting to ensure that they can be broken into and with time become perfectly adjusted to your individual boxing style and hands. The right boxing gloves can be bought by knowing what size you need to purchase depending on the circumference of your hands and your body weight. The thick foam layering inside protects from shock and helps to reduce the impact of punching with maximum force.

Vinyl vs Leather

The cheaper option is vinyl boxing gloves as the material is less expensive and they will begin to tear sooner than leather materials. They are ideal for fitness classes as their lightweight design can be worn by men and women of all ages. Leather is considered more durable and customisable in a sense, as the boxing glove will start to mould into the shape of your hands becoming easier to control. Vinyl boxing gloves are called general training gloves or bag gloves that are not for competitive sparing. Beginner boxing gloves will have thicker padding to protect hands and wrists when hitting a heavy bag. As you start to train and become more experienced the boxing gloves become thinner with less padding with less air resistance while punching.


The popular sizes in boxing gloves are 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz and 16 oz used for workouts and light training programs. The 10 oz gloves are recommended for punching bag workouts while 14, 16, 18, and 20 oz gloves are used for sparring.

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The best price of Boxing Gloves in Pakistan is Rs. 600 and the estimated average price is Rs. 4,454.

Price List

Model Price
Mcd Professional Gloves R-5 Boxing Gloves, Boxing… Rs. 3,500
Mcd Professional Gloves X-2 Genuine Leather Made … Rs. 7,500
Sway Training Boxing Gloves L/xl, Leather Boxing … Rs. 4,700
Sway Training Boxing Gloves S/m, Leather Boxing G… Rs. 4,200
Sway Professional Boxing Gloves Sb20 L/xl, Leathe… Rs. 11,500
Mcd Professional Boxing Gloves Bxf1r3, Boxing Bag… Rs. 3,900
Sway Focus Mitts, Leather Boxing Gloves Professio… Rs. 4,500
Sway Hand Wraps, Leather Boxing Gloves Profession… Rs. 600
Mcd Professional Gloves T-4 Blue/red & R-5 Boxing… Rs. 3,000
Premium Quality Evershield Laced Training Gloves … Rs. 4,800