Boxing Head Gear

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A helmet made from padding that is used for amateur boxing. Boxing head gear has some advantages of safety and in other instances, it can prove to cause more head injury. For light sparring in the gym, it may be useful protection. Boxing head gear is available for affordable prices.


Boxing head gear

A padded helmet that is used in amateur and Olympic boxing. Boxing head gear is effective for protection against cuts, scrapes and swelling, but will not save one from a possible concussion. A strike to the head can still cause serious jarring.

Boxers generally aim for the chin and with boxing head gear the chin is rarely protected. As the padding is increased, visibility is reduced. On average boxing head gear can reduce the impact of a hit by 40 to 60% depending on the specif head gear.

It has also been noted that boxing head gear can, in fact, increase the chance of a head injury. This is due to multiple possible reasons. The first being that it makes for a bigger target, making it easier for an opponent to hit you. The second reason is that it gives the wearer a false sense of security, thus taking more risks and increasing the chances of being hit. The third reason is visibility, the padding affects ones peripheral vision which is crucial for awareness during close combat. Due to this, heavier gloves are used at times so the boxer cannot throw punches at full speed and power.


For sparring in the gym, boxing head gear may be more useful. Boxing head gear is available for affordable rates, with some specific brands costing more.


The best price of Boxing Head Gear in Pakistan is Rs. 2,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 2,000.

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