Boya Mic Price in Pakistan

The best price of Boya Mic in Pakistan is Rs. 10,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 15,822.


Boya is a brand that works in the microphone (mic) segment. Developing many different mics that are for specific uses. Boya mics are available for a varied price range depending on the specific mic in question. Generally, their prices are competitive.


Boya Mic

A brand that started in 2007 which develops and produces many different kinds of mics (microphones). Their range caters to a variety of users, from beginner level to professional audio. Boya mics are compatible with most of the other camera and smartphone makers, allowing users access to a whole range of peripherals.

The variety includes wireless, USB, studio, shotgun, stereo, lavalier, broadcast, conference and smartphone mics. The different designs by Boya have their own abilities. Some are omnidirectional while others are cardioid mics. This depends on the specific usage the mic has been designed for.

Boya mics are available at relatively competitive prices in comparison to the other brands that develop such devices. The audio quality is considered to be ample for serious work. Some pro work may depend on the user's ability to edit the sound in post-production.

Price List

Model Price
2 Years Warranty - Boya By-wm3t2-m2 Wireless Lava… Rs. 16,833
18 Month Warranty - Boya By-wm3t2-d2 Dual Channel… Rs. 16,800
18 Months Warranty - Boya Dual-capsule Condenser … Rs. 10,500
BOYA BY-WHM8 Pro Wireless Hand Mic Rs. 13,500
BOYA BY-XM6-S1 Wireless Mic Rs. 23,500
2 Years Warranty - Boya By-wm3t2-m1 Wireless Lava… Rs. 13,799
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