Brain Masala

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Compare 9,564 prices from 102 stores.

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A pre-made mix of spices that are needed to cook brain masala. There are various brands that produce their version of brain masala, the rates of this spice mix is generally nominal.


Brain masala

A ready-made recipe for cooking the brains of goats or cows, brain masala makes it easy work for people who may not know the exact mix of spices needed. This works well if one needs to save time as well.

Brain masala is available from different brands so the recipes may vary a bit, similar to different cooks making the same dish. Some people find these ready-made mixes to be a bit too spicy, this, of course, is a matter of personal preference.


The famous Shaan Masala brand also makes brain masala. The prices of brain masala mixes are in the nominal ranges.

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