Braun Epilator Price in Pakistan

Compare 21 prices from 6 stores. The best price of Braun Epilator in Pakistan is Rs. 8,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 21,386.


Made to pluck multiple hairs in a go, an epilator from Braun can help one avoid visits to the salon; making hair removal easy to do at home. Braun has various options, one can choose based on their need and also the budget they have in mind. The prices are from the mid to high range.


Braun Epilator

Braun is known as one of the top brands for epilators; they have many options. There are various sizes as well, smaller ones have fewer tweezer heads. Certain models are washable as well, so one could epilate with the help of warm water or do it while they are in the tub even.

The Braun range comes with accessories at times, these can include the sensitive area cap, an efficiency cap, a massage head, a trimmer head, a safety cap, a facial cap and a small brush that one can use to clean the epilator. These various caps allow one to make more effective use of the epilator on the various areas of the body. Depending on the model there can be 3, 6 or 7 accessories along with the epilator.

Some Braun epilators also have SensoSmart technology which guides one to apply the right amount of pressure. 


Epilating takes some getting used to as it can be painful. It may also not suit some people based on their skin type. One should keep the skin taught while epilating so there are lesser chances of it getting pinched by the device.

An epilator can remove really small hair as well, which is a big reason for it being the prefered method of hair removal by people who use it. This is a one-time investment that can help one save money on salon trips in the long run.

The price of Braun epilators is from the mid to high range, depending on the specific model and its specs.

Price List

Model Price
Braun Epilator Legs Silk.epil 1 (1170) Rs. 8,000
Braun 1170 Silk Epil 1 Rs. 9,400
Braun Hello Body Face Mini Hair Remover, BS-1000 Rs. 10,000
Braun 3170 Silk Epil 3 Rs. 11,500
Braun Silk Epil 3 Epilate & Trim SE 3420 Rs. 12,500
Braun 3270 Silk Epil 3 Rs. 13,720
1370 Braun Epilator Silk epil 1 Rs. 13,999
Braun 3440 Silk Epil 3 Rs. 14,300
Braun Silk-epil 3 Epilator (3270) - ISPK-005 Rs. 14,421
Braun Silk-Epil 3 Epilator (3440) - ISPK-005 Rs. 14,421
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Compare 21 prices from 6 stores.

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Rs. 8000 - Rs. 92000